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An anniversary is one of those very special days to celebrate the past and look forward to the future. Unlike New Year when people traditionally look back over one single year, on your anniversary you can honour the entire length of your marriage or relationship, whether you've been together one year or 50.

Sometimes other things like work commitments can get in the way of your anniversary, but even if you can't spend the entire day with your partner, it's a nice idea to make sure that you can at least spend some special time together, just the two of you, and enjoy talking about some of the good times that you've had during your loving partnership. Don't worry about any of the bad times - all relationships have their hurdles to overcome, and you should be proud that the strength of your love and respect for each other has carried you through the rough spots. But today isn't the time really to think about the tough times. Concentrate on the positive and enjoy whatever special moments you can spend with your special someone.

So what should you give your wife, husband, girlfiend or boyfriend as a fitting tribute to your marriage or relationship? Flowers are always a good choice, but your could also try something interestingly different on this intensely personal day. Piglette has gathered together here a selection of enticingly unique gift ideas. As well as being enchantingly unusual, they can be personalized by you, enabling your gift to effectively become a family heirloom which can be passed down through the generations as a memorable token of love.

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