8 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas of Bronze
Traditional Gifts for 8th Wedding Years

Beautiful bronze is the traditional 8 year anniversary gift. Being a year after the traditional 7th wedding anniversary gift of copper, bronze emphasises the fact that the marriage has gone into a period of extreme strength and durability.

A seventh year of marriage is often a true test of the long term stability of a relationship. The dreaded 7 year itch can strike, and many marriages fail at that point. Scientists and mystics alike have wondred why this may be. Those who are superstitious believe that it could be something to do with the strange symbolism of the number seven. Scientists argue that it may be that some humans hark back to an older genetic imperative and that after around 7 years, any children may be reasonably able to fend for themselves, at which time ancient man would move on to another partner. Studies have also found a lesser-known but just as scary 4 year itch where relationships may similarly hit shaky ground. But if you've reached your 8th anniversary, you can happily say that you've passed the risks of the itchy times, and ahead of you is the steadfastness of a strong relationship which has withstood the test of time and will continue with its reliability to withstand whatever may try to breach it  Even in these modern days, it's a relief to know that most marriages still do last for life.  In the USA, 57% of marriages truly are "Till death us do part".  If you've reached your eighth wedding anniversary you're on a truly good heading to be part of that happy 57%.

Rugged yet attractive, the 8 year anniversary gift of bronze is perfect to illustrate this movement into the ongoing strong and dependable times of a long term marriage. It is actually only the second metal that you would have encountered so far in the traditional anniversary gift schedule, copper having been the first of the metals in the previous year.

The increased strength of another joyful year of marriage is empahasised in the fact that bronze, the traditional  8 year anniversary gift, is a stronger substance than the 7th year gift of copper.  It is also more durable, representing the ongoing continuity of a happy relationship, and harder than copper, indicating the unbreachable bond that time has forged.

Bronze is a metal which will elegantly age in parallel with a happily married couple.  This ageing process of bronze is a form of oxidization and is known as patina.  Over the years this will produce an attractive natural effect which is highly appreciated by bronze collectors.  Also known as verdigris, the green coloured patina of bronze is actually copper carbonate (as copper is part of bronze's composition), and is bronze's natural protection against further corrosion.  Often people are tempted to try to shine away the patina, and of course, this may be your own preference, but bronze collectors much prefer the natural look of a time-aged piece.  A nice genuine patina can help to identify a genuine aged piece from a newer bronze.  A simple light dusting off with a dry cotton cloth is the best way to keep your bronzes clean and retain their natural look.

With this characteristic effect of patina, your bronze anniversay gifts can effectively be thought of as organic and almost living sculptures.  And as we all age over time, it's nice to know that ageing is appreciated, not just in our own increased wisdom and knowledge, but also in the valued beauty of the attractive rustic patinas on our special bronzes.

Highlandmint BRUTUS50BBCCK Brutus 50th Anniversary Bronze Coin Card

Highlandmint BRUTUS50BBCCK Brutus 50th Anniversary Bronze Coin Card

The Brutus 50th Anniversary Bronze Coin Card features the 39 millimetres. Brutus 50th Anniversary coin. The coin is displayed in a 4 x 6 in. acrylic case that includes custom images of Brutus and includes his stats on the reverse. Each coin card is delivered with a display stand. Officially licensed by the CLC.

Sale price $19.99
Save on normal price of $26.99

Jordan  Hare Stadium 75th Anniversary Bronze Coin Pano Photo Mint

Jordan Hare Stadium 75th Anniversary Bronze Coin Pano Photo Mint

Limited Edition. This 12 x20 in. frame with a glass front panel features a double matted custom designed and individually numbered panoramic photo of Jordan-Hare stadium through the years to commemorate the its 75th anniversary. A 39 millimetres. silver plated 75th anniversary commemorative coin is minted in silver plate and matted with the unique photo. Each frame has a certificate of authenticity pasted to the back of the frame. This frame is a limited edition of 7500 and officially licensed by CLC.

  • Jordan Hare Stadium 75th Anniversary Bronze Coin Pano Photo Mint.

Sale price $59.99
Save on normal price of $77.99

Sculpture: Memphis Belle Cold-Cast Bronze Sculpture

Sculpture: Memphis Belle Cold-Cast Bronze Sculpture

On November 7, 1942, a crew of ten brave men boarded a certain Boeing B-17 for the first time. It was the inaugural mission of a now-legendary plane, one that would ultimately complete 25 successful combat missions with her crew intact. Now, a limited-edition Memphis Belle sculpture salutes the iconic aircraft on her 70th anniversary, giving you a rare opportunity to bring home a piece of World War II history. Only from The Bradford Exchange, this dramatic tribute sculpture is hand-cast in cold-cast bronze with hand painted bronze tones to capture all the striking detail.Zoom in closer to this cold-cast bronze airplane sculpture to admire all of the historically accurate detailing, from George Petty's famous pin-up girls flanking both sides of its nose to the proud tally of 25 bombs, showing the number of successful missions flown. A custom-designed stand even "lifts" the B-17 sculpture off a museum-quality base giving the illusion of flight. Your collectible Memphis Belle sculpture includes a bonus Collector's Card filled with the plane's specs, but its strict limited edition of only 7,000 assures this 70th anniversary tribute won't be around long. To make sure you don't miss it, order now!


Saint Seiya Pegasus Seiya New Bronze Cloth Action Figure

Saint Seiya Pegasus Seiya New Bronze Cloth Action Figure

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Saint Seiya ''s Masami Kurumada! North poleulated action figure measures over 6 1/2-inches tall. Highly detailed action figure includes parts to display the Pegasus Cloth Object! Imported from Japan. From Bandai Tamashii Nations. Presenting Pegasus Seiya (New Bronze Cloth) in commemoration of Masami Kurumada Sensei''s 40th anniversary! Pegasus Seiya makes a grand entrance in striking gold metallic finishing. You can also exquisitely display the Cloth Object using the special display frame! 4 in total, the interchangeable face parts are designed especially for this 40th anniversary edition. In addition, set comes with 4 sets of interchangeable hand parts. Measures over 6 1/4-inches tall! Ages 15 and up.


"Heroes of the Homeland" A True-To-Life Civil War Cold-Cast Bronze Sculpture Collection

"Heroes of the Homeland" A True-To-Life Civil War Cold-Cast Bronze Sculpture Collection

Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart - the leadership of these great men and many more left an indelible mark upon the pages of America history. Now, commemorate their courage - as well as the 150th anniversary of the Civil War - with this notable collection of cold-cast bronze Civil War sculptures, beginning with Issue One, Leading the Way: Robert E. Lee. Soon, your collection will continue with Issue Two, Steadfast And True: Stonewall Jackson, Issue Three, Ride to Glory: J.E.B. Stuart and extra Civil War collectible sculptures, each a separate issue to follow.‡Imagine the stirring impact of these fine limited-edition Civil War sculptures in your home! Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, each is an impressively sized gallery-quality work of art, individually hand-crafted in real cold-cast bronze. The intricately finished bases on each sculpture in this collection showcase the confederate flag, golden title plaques, and dramatic scenes by acclaimed historical artist, Dan Nance, each attractively reproduced in vibrant color and detail. Strong demand is expected for these magnificent confederate hero collectibles, so do not delay - order now!


Danya B. ZD6786S Small Couple Embracing Cast Bronze

Danya B. ZD6786S Small Couple Embracing Cast Bronze


  • hand-crafted cast bronze sculpture of a couple's tender embrace.
  • Portrays the power of intimacy and the closeness of marriage.
  • A wedding or anniversary gift which will last everlasting.
  • Dimension - 4.5 x 4 x 2.5 in.

Sale price $42.45
Save on normal price of $57.31

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