Rose Gold Diamond Anniversary Band

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Give a rose gold diamond band as as diamond anniversary gift and you'll be giving something immensely precious which the wearer will treasure for the rest of her or his life. The giving of rose gold rings harkens back over a great many years in history. During the Victorian Era, wedding engagement rings were often composed of pearls or diamonds set in rose gold. These rings, are now antiques (when it comes to precious rings, the word "antique" usually refers to those which are over 50 years old), and featured styles which varied from elegant simplicity to highly detailed intricate patternations. The settings of that time sometimes featured what is known as a Mine Cut. This was a type of setting where rows of diamonds were cut with an additional facet on the stone's base.

These days the choice of a rose gold diamond anniversary band is a way of expressing your individuality and the exclusive uniqueness of a couple's never ending love. Most women love gold, but there's always the desire to be that little bit different. This is where the distinctive character of rose gold makes this choice such an inspired and superlative one. The choice of Rose Gold is particularly suitable for anniversary rings, as the reddish colouration is reminiscent of red roses which themselves are one of the most traditional and well-known ways of expressing true love and romance. What more fitting way of celebrating your wedding anniversary than a band of gold, imbued with the delicate hue of such a romantic flower, and complete with the sparkling exquisiteness of diamond.

Rose gold is actually given its characteristic rosy color by the addition of primarily copper with the gold. As you may know, pure gold is classed as 24 karats. Lower karats of gold are always a mixture or alloy of gold and other metals.

Because Rose Gold is created by the addition of copper to pure gold, you should never look for a 24 karat rose gold ring, as this will never actually exist. 24 Karat rose gold would effectively be pure gold with no additions, so would not have the beautiful rose color that you're seeking in Rose Gold. When it comes to the karat number for rose gold, the decision of what karat number to pick is a choice between balancing a higher karat number which will give you a greater purity of gold but lesser rosy colouration, or a lower karat number which will provide a more vivid rosy tinge but less purity of actual gold.

14 karat is one of the most popular choices of rose gold diamond anniversary band. This level of karat provides a nice rosy red pigment whilst still having 58.33 percent pure gold. For a higher percentage of pure gold, an 18 karat ring will give you 75 percent gold with a more delicate rosy pink hue. Whatever karat level you choose, you can be sure that a rose gold diamond anniversary band is one of the most wonderful gifts you can ever give that to very special person in your life. The only thing that will out-sparkle the precious diamond band will be the sparkle in the eyes of your loved one when they see their magnificent new ring.

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Rose Gold Diamond Anniversary Bands

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