Silver Baby Cup
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At some special moments in life, a celebration equal to winning tennis at Wimbledon or a medal in the Olympic games is apt. The birth of a precious new baby is one of those occasions. Not to make too much of a sporting similie, but just like a football team at the end of a successful season, or a jockey, trainer and horse on winning a high class horserace, the team of husband, wife and newborn baby have hit the big time on the birth of a new member of your family.

After all, your family has won the winners cup in many ways over the last 9 month. One of those little guys won its swimming race against tens of millions of competitors up the fallopian tube. Then there was the relay with the egg, having to meet just at the right time. And of course, don't forget the weightlifting that was won by the happy mother, especially over the last few weeks of pregnancy when the little one was getting bigger and heavier.

OK, so maybe I'm getting carried away with watching the sport on television while I write this, but one thing's for sure, there are few things, possibly nothing, more special and worthy of celebration than the birth of a new baby. One particularly fitting present to commemmorate the beginning of life of a newborn child is a silver baby cup. Whether you choose a sterling silver cup or a silver plated one, such a gift will be something that can be kept for the entire life of the new member of the family, and eventually handed down as an antique heirloom through the generations.

CHST Silver Cup Talc

CHST Silver Cup Talc

Silver Cup Premium Hand Talc is a superb product for reducing friction between your bridge hand and the cue shaft caused by excessive perspiration and sweat. This extremely fine hand talc won't cake on your hand, and because it is unscented, you don't have to worry about smelling like baby powder. Use this premium hand talc made by Silver Cup for a smooth shot every time. Made especially for the billiard player.

  • Use to keep your hands dry.
  • Size - 13 ounces
  • Item Weight -1 pound.

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