China Sleeping Beauty Characters
From the Lenox Disney Collection

Despite the best attempts by her guardians, the fairies, Sleeping Beauty is caught by the evil fairie's curse. But all is not lost - the brave and gallant Prince Phillip, vows to save his adored princess...

These fine china Sleeping Beauty characters from the Lenox Disney collection will bring the wonder of this eternally loved fairy tale to your home.

Maleficent - Lenox Classics 6131197

Maleficent - Lenox Classics 6131197

Item # 6131197
Maleficent is the epitome of evil, fully living up to the meaning of her name. In fact, she even refers to herself as "the mistress of all evil." This slighted sorceress from "Sleeping Beauty" is the subject of a hauntingly realistic figurine in ivory china and gold. Her heart-shaped face belies her wicked nature, while her horn-shaped hair more accurately reflects her evil ways.


Merryweather - Lenox Classics 6244347

Merryweather - Lenox Classics 6244347

Item # 6244347
Magical Merryweather character from Disney's Sleeping Beauty movie, featuring hand painted fine ivory china with 24-karat gold accents, piece is hand-numbered


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