Christmas Rose Plants and Decor

Roses at Christmas have a very special meaning. The traditional story of the Christmas rose has been passed down through countless generations as a tale of simple generosity and love.

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The traditional tale of the Christmas Rose tells that as the Magi presented their gifts to the Christ Child, a young girl watched quietly from the doorway of the stable. She, also, wanted to present something to this Child, but she was poor and had nothing to give. She wandered the countryside nearby, in search of flowers to serve as a gift. But the winter had been harsh, and she was unable to find any blooms.

Devastated, the girl began to cry. An angel who saw her tears took pity upon her grief, and gently brushed aside the snow at her feet to reveal a beautiful pinky white flower. The girl rejoiced at what she saw. Eagerly, she rushed back to the stable to present her gift to the Baby Jesus. As she laid the rose beside the manger, the glorious bloom brought a smile to the Holy Child's face.

Interestingly, when it comes to the science of botany, the Christmas Rose plant is not actually part of the same botanical family that roses belong. It is actually part of the buttercup family.

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