Howard Miller Tide Clock

Get a beautifully crafted Howard Miller tide clock and stay in touch with the movements of the ocean.

How to set a tide clock

Unless you're a werewolf, in which case you'll probably be otherwise engaged at the time, the best time to set a tidal clock is at high tide during a full moon. If you are indeed involved in howling at the moon or some other unusual activity at full moon, high tide at a new moon is equally as good. During these times the sun, moon and earth all form a straight line, which in astronomical terms is called a syzygy. Interestingly syzygy is the shortest english word to contain three y's.

At a syzygy the effects of both the moon and the sun are in sychronisation, which will result in the high tide at a full or new moon being at its maximum reach during the month. This is known as a spring tide. Setting your clock at this time will ensure that it gives the most accurate times that it can for the future high and low tides to come. To actually set the clock during a high spring tide, simply use the adjustment knob or wheel, normally located at the back of the clock's movement, to turn the tide clock hand so that it points straight upward at the time of high tide.

Howard Miller Tide Mate III, Tide Clock

Howard Miller Tide Mate III, Tide Clock

645-527 Tide Mate III This round table clock features a silvertoned case, polished silvertoned feet and circular spun silver finished outer ring with dark blue screening of and quot;High Tide and quot; and and quot;Low Tide. And quot; Dial is ocean blue with white graphics displaying hours remaining before the occurrence of the next low and high tide. Acrylic crystal with red arrow tide hand and silver second hand. Red tide arrow identifies the approximate position of the high and low tides for the Atlantic Ocean. Please note: this is not a precision instrument intended to accurately predict the tides. Includes a Velcro style hook and loop strip to hold the clock in place on your oceanbound vessel. Size: H. And nbsp;6-1/4 and quot; - 16 cm - W. And nbsp;6 and quot; - 15 cm - D. And nbsp;2 and quot; - 5 cm - doesn’t come with Battery Cover.


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Howard Miller Tide Mate III Maritime Clock

Howard Miller Tide Mate III Maritime Clock

Howard Miller - Table and Desk Clocks - 645527 - This tides table clock is ideal for any seafaring enthusiast in home or office. distinctive by its silvertoned case, polished silver feet and tide gauge silver bezel, the Tide Mate III keeps time as well as the movement of Atlantic Ocean tides. An ocean blue dial displays hours remaining before the occurrence of the next low and high tide and a ship-friendly velcro style attaching hook will hold this clock in place at sea. marine Clock features solid casing in silvertoned finish with distinguished high / low tide dial bezel marine Clock reads Atlantic ocean tides on ocean blue dial Polished silver feet Acrylic crystal with red arrow tide hand and silver second hand Velcro style hook and loop attaching system for ship attaching Note: tide prediction may not be consistently one hundred percent accurate Specifications: Overall Size: 6.25 H x 6 W x 2 D


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