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Make his day with one of these handsome quality Dad rings. Whether in solid gold or gold plated, a fabulous quality Dad ring is a personalized gift he'll treasure forever. We feature a great selection of gold dad rings from various high quality online stores all gathered here together so that you can compare prices and photos to get exactly the right ring you need. Feel free to leave any reviews too at the bottom of this page.

Happily Ever After Marriage: A Reinvention In Mid-life

Happily Ever After Marriage: A Reinvention In Mid-life

Earlier in my post-divorce life, I thought marriage would never happen again for me. Having exited a painful one, I had no desire to enter another. Why would anyone want to repeat a difficult experience? . . . I felt that my heart would never be as trusting as it once was. I had lost my faith in marriage. I wasn’t sure it was the best custodian of love. And I still feared how the wife identity could sabotage me. I was content to sit to the side and let others have their turn at giving the institution a whirl. – from Happily Ever After Marriage: There’s Nothing Like Divorce to Clear the Mind by Sarah Hampson After eighteen years of marriage and three children, Sarah Hampson finds herself amongst the growing ranks of divorced MLWs (“Mid-Life Women”). “This is what occurs when you are outside the marriage bubble,” she writes.  Suddenly, you are in a parallel universe, across some mythic river in a place where you are the un-wife – and you and your un-husband are on the un-married side. And once there, as some kind of compensation for the hardship of the journey, you develop relationship X-ray vision. You know more than if you had never inhabited the bubble. Illusions (and delusions) drop away. Everything is clearer. (pp. xi­­­ – xii) Hampson uses this newfound vantage point outside the “marriage bubble” to bravely explore the institution of matrimony. She applies her famously warm, perceptive and often hilarious perspective, not only to her own marriage experience, but also to those of her family and friends, along with the myriad celebrities she has interviewed in more than a decade of journalism.  Hampson asserts that the tradition of unveiling the bride after the vows have been made is all wrong. “A bride wears a veil after she becomes a wife,” she writes. “For many, it’s a question of denial, not just of what they want and their unhappiness but also of the characteristics in their mate” (p. 138). With the veil lifted from her eyes, Hampson scrutinizes the marriage assumptions she made as a child, better able to see the domestic compromises made by her mother and grandmother, as well as her own. As a young girl growing up in a comfortably privileged household, Hampson felt secure in her expectation that she would one day be taken care of by a husband. “The message in all quarters of our upbringing was that marriage was the life glue” (p. 30), she writes. Now an Un-Married, Hampson has no end of concerns to keep her awake at night. Will her children be irreparably damaged by the divorce? Will her “Ghost Dad” ex stop disappointing them, and her? How will she manage financially? Will she find the serenity she craves?  And yet, despite her concerns, Hampson finds that as a mature and independent woman she has access to the sort of security and self-possession that she sorely lacked when married. She traces her divorce journey, from her hilarious “Un-marriage Ceremony” (selling her wedding ring to a junk gold broker), to a more fully realized state of being, in which life may be viewed as “a carnival of choices, good and bad, wise and regrettable, designed not to teach us pride in ourselves for engineering whatever successes we may have, but humility in acceptance of how it happened to unfold” (p. 280). Candid, humorous and full of fascinating stories, Happily Ever After Marriage is part modern guide, part passionate conversation with friends and part meditation on what may be seen as a new rite of passage to self-actualization in mid-life. By bravely examining her own life, Hampson brings clarity to the underlying cultural messages that inform the choices we make – and shows how embracing change

Sale price Price 16.54 CAD
Save on normal price of Price 21.00 CAD

Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness

Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness

A irresistible portrait of one of the most famous families in the history of the WWE as told by Dustin Rhodes, the first son of legendary figure Dusty Rhodes and the older brother of emerging star, Cody Rhodes.He first burst onto the scene in the nineties, covered in gold face paint and exhibiting a one-of-a- kind flamboyant style that bewildered his foes and thrilled his fans. within the ring, Goldust is as tough as they come, known for using outrageous mind games and taking down his opponents with unparalleled ruthlessness. It’s no surprise, then, that wrestling is in his blood; Goldust is the son of Dusty Rhodes, “The American Dream.” What is it like to be the son of a wrestling icon and follow him into the same profession? In this no-holds-barred account, Dustin Rhodes speaks frankly and openly about his journey. He talks about being a young boy who desperately missed his dad. A young man who only wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and threw aside a football scholarship to eke out a meager existence in regional wrestling. A green wrestler struggling to prove to his peers that his work, not his name, had gotten him to where he was. Rhodes describes how, in the midst of a painful five-year estrangement with his father, he finally made a name for himself as Goldust and then let it all go, tumbling into a descent of self-medication that led him away from a red-hot career as a WWE Superstar and nearly cost him his life. When he finally hit bottom, Rhodes knew where to look for assist from the family he always had: his father and World Wrestling Entertainment. When he got clean and sober and was offered the chance to wrestle for WWE, he snapped up the offer. The everyday existence of life on the road, working with and watching the new Superstars— like his brother Cody Rhodes—has reminded Rhodes of why he loves being a wrestler. Cross Rhodes is an intimate portrait of one man’s road to redemption and a unique glimpse into one of the most famous families in WWE.

Sale price Price 18.14 CAD
Save on normal price of Price 18.99 CAD

Mens 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Onyx Dad Ring Size 9.5

Mens 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Onyx Dad Ring Size 9.5

Each piece of jewelry in our exciting collection was selected by our experienced staff of jewelry experts for its style quality and value. Our jewelry experts select and choose only the jewelry that contains top-quality diamond precious or semiprecious gemstones. Moreover each piece of jewelry is individually inspected by experienced jewelry experts prior to packaging and shipment. Exhaustive and thorough inspections are performed to warranty the highest level of customer satisfaction. This Mens 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Onyx Dad Ring has .12 carats of round diamonds.

Sale price $797.88
Save on normal price of $1077.14

Mens 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Onyx Dad Ring Size 9

Sale price $801.59
Save on normal price of $1082.15

Mens 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Onyx Dad Ring Size 11

Sale price $798.03
Save on normal price of $1077.34

Mens 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Onyx Dad Ring Size 10.5

Sale price $797.12
Save on normal price of $1076.11

Mens 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Onyx Dad Ring Size 10

Sale price $802.50
Save on normal price of $1083.38

PalmBeach Jewelry 7396_10 Mens Diamond Accent 10k Yellow Gold Dad I.D. Ring - Size 10

PalmBeach Jewelry 7396_10 Mens Diamond Accent 10k Yellow Gold Dad I.D. Ring - Size 10

Show him just how special you think he is. Dads will love this 10k gold ring set with a fiery diamond accent.<br><BR>

  • Sizes: 10.<br><BR>Item Specifications: Ring.<br><BR>Metal Information.<br><BR>Yellow 10k Gold:<br><BR>
  • Finish Type: Bright.<BR>
  • Height: 3.<BR>
  • Length: 7.5.<BR>
  • Width: 15.5.<BR>
  • Shank Width: 2.<BR>
  • Style: I.D.<br><BR>Stone Information.<br><BR>
  • Diamond (Main/Largest Stone):<br><BR>
  • Quantity: 1.<BR>
  • Carat Weight: .009 Carat TW.<BR>
  • Size (mm): 1.25.<BR>
  • Cut: Single Cut.<BR>
  • Clarity: I1.<BR>
  • Color: HI.<BR>
  • Cut: Round.<BR>
  • Setting: Pave.

    Sale price $219.36
    Save on normal price of $268.11

  • Mens Black Hills Gold Tri Color Dad Band 10, Silver/Gold

    Mens Black Hills Gold Tri Color Dad Band 10, Silver/Gold

    This prominent mens ring is accented with 12kt. rose and green gold leaves. It will surely be the treasure of any dad. According to legend, a French goldsmith named Henri LeBeau became lost during the gold rush days in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He fell asleep believing he was dying of thirst and starvation. During a dream, he saw a mountain stream with grapevines growing on its banks. Upon awakening, he walked over a rise and found the stream and grapevines just as he had in his dream. Out of gratitude, he dedicated his life and talents to producing jewelry in the shapes of grape clusters and leaves fashioned in rose, green and yellow gold. Today, a series of up to forty various steps are necessary to capture the same dramatic detail in traditional and contemporary Black Hills Gold designs. Clean with a soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water. Most over the counter jewelry cleaners are also acceptable. Be certain to use special care with jewelry that is set with opals, pearls, semi-precious, and precious stones.

    Sale price $99.99
    Save on normal price of $249.98

    Wings Of Glory Men's 24K Gold-Plated and Sterling Silver Bald Eagle Ring

    Wings Of Glory Men's 24K Gold-Plated and Sterling Silver Bald Eagle Ring

    Mighty. Majestic. The American bald eagle is the ultimate symbol of our most cherished ideals - freedom, nobility, strength. For those men who value the spirit of the eagle and all it represents, there is a distinguished men's eagle ring to wear proudly. Individually custom-crafted of solid sterling silver and finished in 24K-gold plating, this American bald eagle men's ring showcases a soaring eagle sculpt against an inlay of authentic black onyx. A dramatic triple cable motif of sterling silver wraps around the sides of the ring. Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, each men's bald eagle ring is made to order and arrives in a handsome custom gift box. Wear yours with pride or give it as a gift to a fellow free spirit! Commissions will be accepted on a first-come-first served basis for a limited time only. Hurry, order now!


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