Chocolate Easter Bunny
Solid and Hollow Bunnies

A chocolate Easter bunny is a fun gift that will be sure to bring a smile of seasonal joy to the face of whoever receives one, but have you ever thought of why choccy bunnies are a particularly popular way of celebrating at Easter? They're actually a fusion of two aspects of this special time of year.

One important tradition that preceeds Easter is a period of Lent. This is traditionaly a period of 40 days of fasting, reflecting the forty days and forty nights that Jesus spent in the desert wilderness before he began his ministry. During this time Jesus fasted and resisted temptation from the Devil, including the Devil's suggestions to turn stones into bread to assuage his hunger.

To commemmorate this, may Christians today do something during the Lenten period in preparation for Easter. This often involves the giving-up of something as a form of abstinence. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, 6 weeks before Easter. In actual fact, Ash Wednesday is 46 days before Easter, but the 40 days of abstinence does not include Sundays. The Lenten period is believed to be a time of spiritual grown and conversion, attained through self-denial and simplicity.

It wouldn't be much of an abstinence if you gave up something that you didn't like much, so one of the most popular ways of observing Lent is to give up particularly nice treats. One thing that springs to mind is chocolate and this indeed is one particular goodie that many people choose to give up during lent.

According to a 2012 survey by Church House Publishing, 27 percent of woment and 20% of men are likely to do something during lent. From those, 17% will try to give up chocolate or some other particular treats.

As Easter occurs at the end of Lent, it is a time to let yourself indulge a little in those little luxuries that you may have abstained from during Lent. Seeing as chocolate is one of those popular luxury items, this is where the aspect of chocolate in Easter bunnies comes from.

But that's only half of the story. What about the bunnies themselves? Well, even before the time of Jesus Chirst, Pagan peoples celebrated a Spring festival where the main character of honour was a goddess called Eostre who was a goddess of the moon and fertility. Eotre's favourite animal was the hare or rabbit, a creature who itself is a symbol of fertility. After all, the well-know phrase to "breed like rabbits" has good grounds for its accuracy - bunnies can become pregnant with a second litter even whilst a first litter is still growing in the womb!

When Christians came to the pagan lands, they brought with them the celebration of the Paschal season, also known as the Passover which is the period of 50 days from Easter until Pentecost. According to the Venerable Bede, an English scholar and writer of the 8th Century, the Christians adopted the name of Eostre for their newly-introduced rite. The word Eostre later morphed into Easter. As well as the name, some of the ancient traditions and symbols remained, and Eostre's favourite animal, the bunny, became an inherent part of the Easter celebration.

So there we have it. Combine Eostre's rabbit with the end of abstinence from goodies like chocolates and voila, the chocolate bunny is born!

The Great Big Chocolate Bunny Coloring Book

The Great Big Chocolate Bunny Coloring Book

Is Easter always about the bunny and the colorful eggs? Well, it ca be about chocolates and sweets, too! This coloring book will give you a fresh perspective of Easter. You are free to color the images as you like. You just have to be creative and imaginative so you can come up with many designs. What a marvellous activity this coloring book for Easter will be!

Price 13.20 CAD

The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha: A Chocoholic Mystery

The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha: A Chocoholic Mystery

<b>From the national bestselling author of The Chocolate Falcon Fraud comes an Easter candy caper featuring chocolatiers Lee Woodyard and her Aunt Nettie, and a killer who’s hopping mad...</b><br>  <br> The approach of Easter means a rush of business at TenHuis Chocolade, and Lee  and her Aunt Nettie require all the assist they can get to make their famous chocolate bunnies. Unfortunately, new hire Bunny Birdsong is a clutzy basketcase dropping everything she picks up. But to Lee’s surprise, she’s a whiz with computers and fixing the store’s website so they decide to keep her.<br>  <br> However, Bunny receives a few visitors they could do without: her soon to be ex-husband Beau, his wealthy aunt Abigail, and his new girlfriend and her brother all descend on the shop one day and have a bitter argument. Lee hopes they can find a peaceful way to settle their dispute and not bring any more trouble to TenHuis. But when Abigail’s body is discovered in the vacant store next door, it’s clear to Lee there’s a bad egg in her midst. Now she’s on the hunt to find out who it is...<br><br><b>Includes tasty chocolate trivia! </b>

Price 30.00 CAD

ASwSu-pink A Sweet Surprise for Easter Girl with Scented Bunny - Chocolate

ASwSu-pink A Sweet Surprise for Easter Girl with Scented Bunny - Chocolate

Meet Dyan Eggs, the lovable plush Easter Bunny featured front and center in this Easter basket for girls.A Sweet Surprise for Easter Girl With Scented Bunny - Chocolate.

From little ones to their parents, this gift basket will appeal to anyone on your gift It includes a wooden picnic style chest filled with some of our most popular sweets, along side an lovable, super-soft, plush bunny from the famed throughout the world Bearington Collection of gifts.

<b>This gift basket Includes:</b>
  • Introducing "Dyan Eggs" an absolutely lovable, super cute, plush girl bunny from the famous Bearington Collection.
  • Chocolate Meltaways
  • Rich Cocoa Truffles
  • Boardwalk Crunch (Pecans, Cashews Marshmallows, Popcorn and Pretzels in Milk Chocolate)
  • Decorative Wooden Chest
  • <b>Weight:</b> 7 pounds.

Sale price $65.83
Save on normal price of $88.87

Beistle 40180 3.5&apos;&apos; It&apos;s All About The Chocolate Bunny Button - Pack of 12

Beistle 40180 3.5&apos;&apos; It&apos;s All About The Chocolate Bunny Button - Pack of 12

It&'s Easter time again and what Easter would be complete without a yummy chocolate bunny! And what better way to show it then with a It&'s All About The Chocolate Bunny Button. Wear it on your coat for Easter or slip one into each of your kids&' Easter baskets for a fun holiday surprise.<br>

  • It&'s All About The Chocolate Bunny Button.
  • Each package includes one (1) button.
  • Each button measures (3½) inches across.
  • Metal button.

    Sale price $17.44
    Save on normal price of $22.67

  • Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory

    Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory

    Go behind the scenes of Mr Bunny''s chocolate factory! An compelling look at the workings of Mr Bunny''s chocolate factory! Packed with cross-over humour to amuse kids and big kids too with artwork full of details for poring over time and time again. Still a new kid on the block, Elys Dolan has already been shortlisted for The Roald Dahl humourous Prize and the Waterstones Children''s Book Prize, and nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal. The ideal picture book for Easter, but also with a marvellous all-year round appeal.

    Price 16.50 CAD

    2829 65 x 44 in. Chocolate Easter Bunny Cardboard Cutout Standup

    2829 65 x 44 in. Chocolate Easter Bunny Cardboard Cutout Standup

    This is a cardboard cutout of Chocolate Easter Bunny Cardboard Cutout . It features a single-sided high quality print on cardboard with an easel on the back so it can stand on its own. Cardboard cutouts make great decor for parties, photo ops and events!

    • <b>Product Type:</b> Cardboard Cutout
    • <b>Size:</b> 65 x 44 in.
    • <b>Weight:</b> 4 pounds

    Sale price $39.95
    Save on normal price of $51.94

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