Herb Gardening
What are Herbs?

The botanical definition of herbs is that a herb is any annual (gerninates, seeds and dies all within one year) or perennial (has a cycle of two years) plant with a non-woody stem. However, culturally, the term herbs has come to cover plants which have a specific benefit to us humans. This covers plants which can be used purely as food, but can also include plants which have medicinal benefits, or can be used for cosmetic purposes, or plants which have particular aromatic properties.

Very often herbs are packed full of vitamins which are essential for our heath. But it's not just vitamins - herbs can be living containers of essential nutrients and minerals. Herbs have been used since ancient times, with many believed to have spititual meanings. The ancient egyptians recorded numerous herbal remedies, and the Romans also used herbs for many medicinal purposes. Over time the knowledge of the uses and benefits of herbs has grown. Even today, modern science still continues to investigate and often prove their medicinal and other properties, whether they be long-known plants, or newly discovered herbs from the world's rain forests. Indeed, the thought that there are numerous unknown herbs with unknown and potentially astounding properties still to be found in the rainforests and jungles of the world is one of the many reasons that protecting these wild places is so vitaly important.

Whether used for their pleasant aromas, to create a natural garden of medicinally beneficial plants, or simply for their flavour or pleasant appearance and the joy of growing plants, knowing that they may have a history of human usage going back thousands of years, having your own herb garden, area or pot is certain to be a satisfying and enjoyable experience. Not only that, but you will be able to have your own choice of absolutely fresh herbs to use - much better than supermarket stuff.

Culinary Herb Gardening and planting your culinary herbs.

Sage - Saliva Officinalis and other varieties.

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