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Piglette presents authentic ethnic gifts and jewelry from India, all exquisitely crafted by rural artisans. Worldwide international delivery is available from Shalincraft, the world's largest online shop for hand made Indian products, so whether you live in the UK, USA, Australia or anywhere on the planet, you can experence these exotic crafts in your own home!

Every single item is handcrafted and thus completely unique.  Just click on the photos or links for details, amazing prices and similar items.

Carved Wood Elephant
wood elephant and baby
This minutely carved wood elephant and baby is produced by skilled craftsmen from Kerala, a state in the deep southern region of India. Kerala has wood in abundance and the artists of these wooden sculptures watch the elephants and other animals very closely, enabling them to depict the creatures very realistically in their artwork.

This magnificent elephant statue stands 9 inches by 10 inches in fine Indian rosewood.  More unique animal statues are also available by following the link.

Pearl and Gemstone Necklaces
Pearl and gemstone necklaces
As well as being beautiful and attractive, gems are believed to have a tremendous healing power.  The power of the stones comes from the earth and the cosmos.  Re-establishing the soulís link with the cosmos through the stones, which are themselves a pure direct part of the cosmos, helps achieve the goal of purification.

Part of a collection of genuine ethnic gifts from Orissa, known as the Soul of India, these lovely pearl and gemstone necklaces give a magnificent combination.  These stunning examples of gemstone jewelry add your beauty and are believed to give you healing treatment too.  Just click for the full range and prices of these attractive gemstone and pearl necklaces.

Buddha Statue in Various Designs
buddha statue
Rather than a religion in the traditional sense, Buddha started a way of life which was independent of dogma, priesthood and sacrifice.  He was a true person who taught a method of peaceful living through selflessness, and emphasized ahimsa - the absence of the desire to kill.

Buddha was believed by Hindus to be the ninth incarnation of Vishnu, and broke away from the rigid Brahminism prevalent in his times, rejecting the caste system, the Vedas and even the Hindu concept of liberation.  He emphasized natural law rather than supernaturalism - each person could gain his own salvation for himself.  Glorified further by its acceptance by King Asoka, Buddhism now has a name which is known as representative of peace all over the world.

This Buddha statue is one of a large range of designs of Buddha sculpture in bronze, brass and wood, which bring his serenity to your home.

Traditional Paper Mache Jewelry Box
Paper mache jewelry box
In 1398, Sultan Sikander's son, Shahi Khan, was captured and held hostage in Samarkand by the invader, Tamur Lane.  Many craftsmen from Central Asia and Persia were also held in Samarkand, and the young prince learned from them the strange craft of paper pulp creations.

When Shahi Khan returned to his home region of Kashmir and became King Zain-ul-Abadin following his father's death, he spread the word of this unique art among the crafts people of his area.  This fine paper mache jewelry box is handcrafted in Kashmir in the original traditional technique brought to the valley in the fourteenth Century, which so inspired the young prince and many others since.  Numerous fascinating styles and designs are available.

Silver Tiger's Eye Necklace and Gemstone Necklaces
Silver tigers eye necklace
India, as a land often invaded in the past by foreign rulers, has always accepted, moulded and added various foreign designs and fashions to its own culture.  Ornamental jewelry is one major feature which has seen much change and alteration through the ages. Among the rulers who added glory to the already rich heritage of Indian ornaments were the Mughals. Already influenced by the Persian fashion, they imparted to India the fashion of wearing silver  Before this, the Kings and the upper classes of the country had accepted silver only next to gold.&nbst, However, by spreading the popularity of silver, the Mughal brought its importance almost in level with that of gold, if not higher.  Silver jewelry and ornaments for every part of the body were introduced. and those, which already existed were developed even further, giving them a different design.  Even toda, Indian jewelry, is given much value and importance in the fashion world due to its rich tradition and. innumerable designs.

This Silver Tiger's Eye Necklace is just one of the numerous styles of Indian jewelry which you can buy online, either for yourself or as an elegant gift.  Handmade in various patterns, many of these gifts are in the style of a time-honored ethnic tradition whereas others have a more modern look.

Ethnic jewelry available includes delicate chains and silver necklaces with gemstones of amethyst, quartz, jasper and many more gemstone designs.

Tribal Cast Iron Pig
Tribal black cast iron pig
Both decorative and useful, this tribal black cast iron pig has an opening in the middle to enable it to be used as a candle holder.  It is one of a number of interesting iron sculptures from the tribes of Madhya Pradesh which will surely be a talking point for visitors to your home.

These crafts show the imaginative skills and life of tribal India.

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