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Gift Ideas to Improve Health and Well Being

Piglette presents healthy gifts to help improve health and well being.  All the gift ideas here make perfect presents but are also ideal to get as a treat for yourself!  Relax with a shiatsu massager or cordless bath spa, wake up gradually to soothing zen sounds with a zen alarm clock, or improve the air quality with a portable humidiier.  You can also lighten your load with a specially designed contoured backpack, or send delicious gifts of healthy fruit and flowers.

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Shiatsu Massager with Remote Control
Medisana Shiatsu Massager with Remote Control
The beneficial effect of the highly refined Medisana Shiatsu massager units is based on combining the well proven finger massage function with an option of starting the treatment with a preliminary vibration massage.  The Shiatsu units are available with (SR) and without (SK) remote control.  The SK unit features two massage directions and two levels of vibration, whilst the SR unit provides the additional convenience of remote control for various massage programs including massage time and massage direction, plus an additional third level of intensity of vibration.  It is recommended that you loosen up your muscle groups to be treated with a soft vibration massage.  After this preparation, the kneading massage is amazingly similar to the finger pressure massage (shiatsu) of a skilled masseur.  The flat shape of the unit also makes it easier to use on your neck area when lying down.  Similarly, it is very easy to allow your arms, feet and legs to be placed on the massage towel which covers the two massage heads.  The unit is passed gently along and with light pressure on your larger muscle groups such as the backside or the thighs.  This can also be highly relaxing if a partner assists.  The length of treatment of your individual body regions should not be more than three minutes each, and the overall treatment should not be more than 10 to 15 minutes.  A period of 15 minutes resting after each massage session is a good idea for both the user and the unit.  If the massage is felt to be a little too strong on specially sensitive muscle sections, the effect can be softened by placing a towel over the massage heads.  Aftr your massage this long-lasting, high-quality unit can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and a mild cleaning agent.
Healthy Backpack
Healthy Back pack
The patented innovative organic design of this Healthy Backpack conforms to your body's contours helping to make your load feel 30% lighter.  An array of thoughtfully designed pockets makes it simple to organize and retrieve your personal belongings.
Zen Alarm Clock
Zen Alarm Clock
Amazing and unique, this Zen Alarm Clock gives you gradual, stress-free, happy awakenings.  Rather than the horrible sudden shock of normal alarms (which is why I personallly never use normal alarm clocks), with the Zen alarm clocks you are able to complete your dreams before fully wakening without any alarm-jarring stress.  A number of elegant designs are available to suit all tastes.  The design shown here is called Honey - Nautilus Shell.  Other equally stylish designs can be viewed by clicking on the picture.

All Zen Clocks measure 8 inches high x 11 inches wide x 3 inches deep.  They are powered by 4 "C" batteries (not included).  They are made in beautiful, sturdy hardwood with a variety of gorgeous wood finishes.  They are a significant breakthrough for the new age era, whilst also being a beautiful and unique addition to your bedroom.

Healthy Fruit and Flowers Basket
Healthy Fruit and Flower Basket
A large healthy fruit and flowers basket featuring a sunny yellow and purple flower bouquet.  This great looking basket contains a variety of delicious fresh fruit depending on the season.  Treat someone special with this most colorful of healthy gifts.
Conair Dual Jet Cordless Bath Spa
Dual Jet Cordless Bath Spa
Turn your bath into an invigorating whirlpool without annoying wires!  This is the first cordless rechargeable bath spa.  Power jets transform your bath into a mind and body pampering whirlpool without concerns about electrical cords to trip on.  Adjustable settings allow you to choose from stiffness-relieving double jet stream or millions of relaxing bubbles which float away tension on their waves.
Neo-Tec Mini Personal Humidifier
Neo-Tec Mini Personal Humidifier
Measuring just a little over 4" high and 3" in diameter, this mini personal humidfier is perfect for preventing dry skin, stuffiness, and static electricity in your personal space anywhere you go during your day.

The unit uses sophisticated ultrasonic vibration to disperse a soothing cool mist which keeps the air around you at the proper level of humidity for comfort and alertness.  The miniature soother uses a minimal 3 watts of energy, and a built in safety device cuts off the electricity in case water runs out.  An ionic antibacterial water filter in the reservoir helps prevents calcium buildup.  The unit's water filter lasts about a month when using tap water and may be used up to a year if you use purified water.

It comes with an AC adapter as well as a cigarette lighter adapter and base plate for car use.  It is conveniently small and portable, allowing you to take it from bedside to desk, from car to hotel room.

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