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Whilst you are online, why not try your hand at winning a little extra money or earning a little cash.


Springfrog was launched on 30 October 2000. Under the same ownership as Piglette, it is a very useful and highly relevant search engine from which you can not only perform your usual day to day internet searches, but can also make money in two ways.

The first way is through signing up website owners who wish to add their site to Springfrog through Keyword Bidding. You will earn a lifetime commission of 10% from all Keyword Bidding payments from website owners who you sign up, plus a further second tier commission of 5%.  Some website owners can have really large long term budgets so you could make a very nice amount here.

The second way that you can make money is through winning the Springfrog free prize draw - you get one entry for every time you visit www.springfrog.com, plus you receive further draw entries from people who visit through links on your web site, and even more entries throughout 4 levels of referrals below you.  You can also win a referrer's bonus if someone who you have signed up wins the main draw.

Commissions and prizes from Springfrog are available internationally.  You don't need to download any special software and you can start earning immediately.

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Launched on 1 April 2001, NoMoreHits is particularly aimed at people with their own web site. Piglette has no connection with NoMoreHits apart from being a member, but it looks like a genuine way of increasing your traffic (and possibly making a bit of money too).  Basically you set a certain NoMoreHits webpage (which forwards you to another member's site) as your home startup page and get credited one visitor to your site for every 2 times you start up your own web browser.  There is also an impressive looking 5 level deep referral structure whereby you get further visits equal to 10% of the total traffic generated throughout your 5 levels of referrals.  Plus people can buy extra hits (at quite a reasonable rate) and you get:

  • 10% of all the money which is being made by people who buy web site traffic
    and are located in your 5 level referral structure.
  • 10% of all the credits bought by these same people in your referral structure.

  • When they buy 10,000 credits, you will get 1000 credits transferred into your
    account, automatically.

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