Pink and Red Roses
Plus their Meaning

A bunch of mixed pink and red roses is an enchanting alternative to sending single coloured blooms.  Expressing your feellings this way will not only warm the heart of your special lady but will also mark you out as a partner with the imagination and perception to give something different than the usual single coloured flowers.

What Red and Pink Roses Mean

As is usual with the language of these flowers, there is a special meaning to this particular combination of colors.  The meaning of pink and red roses is one of  romance and passion, so be careful - this is probably not the right colour combination to give to your boss at work (unless you've got a very special working relationship)!

Pink and red roses together are particularly suitable for a youthful (or young at heart) couple's relationship, as they signify youthful passionate love.  Giving a bouquet of pink and red roses signifies that you feel that the recipient is young and beautiful.

There's no need to be in your teenage years or twenties though - pink and red roses can be sent by any loving couple.  As long as your love feels fresh, new and vibrant (and that doesn't necessarily mean it needs to actualy be a new relationship either), the combination of red and pink roses is ideal to express your depth of romance and feelings of passion.  They'll let your partner know that you truly recognize magnitude of qualities which characterize her and distinguish her from all others in the pool of humanity.  There may be billions of women in the world but giving a bouquet of mixed red and pink roses is a sure-fire way of letting her know she's the one for you.

Roses in Rectangular Planter, Dark Pink

Roses in Rectangular Planter, Dark Pink

Bring the timeless elegance of red roses into any room in your home or office with these faux roses in a black rectangle planter. the whole arrangement is compact enough to work on nearly any surface you choose, from a dinner table centerpiece to a bright accent in a reception area.

  • ideal centerpiece for a romantic setting in any decor
  • perfect for virtually any surface
  • Creates a timeless and exquisite look
  • <b>Color:</b> Dark Pink
  • <b>Pot Dimension:</b> 3.7 inches high x 11.25 inches wide x four inches D
  • <b>Dimension:</b> 6 inches high x 12.5 inches wide x six inches D

Sale price $64.20
Save on normal price of $86.67

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