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When it comes to the very beginning of a couple's married life, the first main problem that many have is in deciding the honeymoon destination, and the second is to agree on the type of trip that both would like to have together. Some prefer paradise locations where they need not do anything except relax and take in the sun.  Others wish to take advantage of the occasion to realize their dream trip or to live an adventure, and there are those who only want a cultural escape which breaks the daily routine and thus enables them to begin their newly married life with renewed vigour.

Whatever type of trip, the main things to always keep in mind are a little organization, lots of information and to get some good advice from travel agents about the packages that are available.

Long distance destinations are the favorite choice of most honeymoon couples. The prices of such trips have become increasingly reasonable over the years, and the previous choice for European newlyweds for example of only the Canary Islands or Majorca has now been extended all over the world.  Couples now can easily travel to Bali, the Caribbean or even to the Pacific Islands. Trips on cruise ships have become more affordable in recent years too and can be a great idea, provided that neither the bride or groom have a tendency to suffer from sea sickness.  For many this is the only time of their life that they can make the luxury trip of their dreams - the honeymoon can be a true holiday of a lifetime.
Secluded Islands and tropical paradise beaches are often the preferred destinations for this type of trip, although they are not the only ideal locations for a honeymoon. Before choosing a place, it is necessary to think about what we like to do in our free time: our shopping preferences, our likes and dislikes regarding restaurants and gastronomy, whether sport is important to us and if so, which types.  Would you like, for example, to learn how to dive or surf, or to visit monuments and museums. The best honeymoon destination will correspond to the expectations of both the bride and groom and the types of things that they enjoy or would like to try. Many couples look particularly for the exotic style of honeymoon, either is in an island like Bali or the Seychelles, or in a tour of India or a Tanzanian safari. The important thing is that it is a unique trip, that the couple will remember all their life.

The destinations most requested by the lovers of the exotic are the East Indian isles of the Seychelles and Mauritius, the Mexican coast of Yucatan (Cancún and Mayan Riviera), the islands of the Caribbean (both the Hispanic Santo Domingo or Cuba as the most exclusive, or Antigua or Jamaica), Bali and Thailand. And increasingly couples celebrate their honeymoon in the exotic islands of of Fiji, the Cook Islands or Polynesia in the South Seas . Many of these ideas are not as expensive as you may think and will give you truly realistic and different options to discuss.

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