Wedding Dance Lessons in Preparation for your Day

Increasingly couples are thinking of the wedding dance as having as much imporance as many other details of the wedding.  It it a tradition that at the reception normally after the wedding dinner, the bride ande groom take first place on the dance hall for their own wedding dance.  They are then joined on the dance floor by other members of the bridal party, then by the other guests.
Wedding Dance Lessons will help you in preparation for your day Wedding Dance Lessons will help you look great on your big day.

The traditional type of dance for a newly married couple is a waltz.  This is actually a dance of German origin, which is executed by the action of the couple in a  revolving motion whilst travelling across the floor.  It is accompanied with a music which is in a ternary rate (ie in groups of 3) , whose phases usually consists of 16 bars.

Although you don't neccesarily need to choose a waltz as the particular dance for your wedding, this is still perhaps the most frequent dance selected.  It can be a bit of a difficult dance for anyone who is a beginner at ballroom dancing to attempt.  As a result, some couples just perform a few quick and simple steps on the dancefloor to try to fulfil the need for the wedding waltz. However, with special wedding dance classes, in as few as three lessons your complete wedding dance can be prepared, with suitable choreography fitting the song that is chosen.

You should start your wedding dance lessons a month before the wedding.  This gives you adequate time to complete at least three classes, whilst the closeness to the big day should ensure that the steps are fresh in your mind on the wedding day, rather than doing the lessons 6 months or so before the wedding which would run the risk of you forgetting the steps by the time the actual wedding day arrived.

Wedding Waltz Lessons usually consist of:

  • General knowledge of the basic Waltz technique.
  • Learning simple and easily executed choreography, so that you can perform the inaugural dance on the wedding day.
  • Musical advice so that you can choose the music (which may be either classic or modern) with which you will open the dance; plus musical selections suitable for the bride and groom's parents and the guests.
As with all things concerning your wedding, the trick is to simply enjoy the experience, both of the lessons and the actual dance on the big day itself..  Don't worry if you get a few steps wrong or if your movement isn't completely smooth.  The fact that you show a bit of preparation and just give the first dance a good try at your wedding day is the main thing.

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