Wedding Floral Decoration and Arrangements

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The wedding floral decoration and arrangements should complement the non floral decor at the church or courthouse where the happy couple are due to tie the knot. The best thing is to leave the choice of decoration style and type of flowers in the hands of professionals who will study the church, and based on the light and distribution of the internal decor, will choose the best way to design the arrangement in harmony with the site.

The flowers, that as a rule, are used mostly for these floral compositions are chrysanthemums, daisies and spurges like the poinsettia and the Christ Plant. The lily is another flower which many brides may like to add to the mix.  But any other type of combination of other white or light bright flowers is very suitable.

The floral arrangements will need to be commensurate with the church or location where the wedding ceremony is to be performed. The huge floral arrangements, are reserved for Cathedrals and great churches. You don't need to go overboard and try to outdo the famous weddings like those of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes though. For chapels and small churches, simple floral arrangement are a perfect choice for decoration.

Depending on the formality of the wedding (and the budget), the entire church can be decorated with  floral arrangements, or only the altar and the first few rows of pews. Remember not to  leave the wedding car feeling left out in the cold - it's your chariot and faithful steed for the big day and, as such,  deserves a bit of its own floral decor too. The same species and color of flowers that are used in the church should be employed to decorate the wedding car.

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