Ideas for Wedding Reception Locations

The first thing to consider when deciding where to hold the wedding Reception and banquet is the budget that you have available. The next step is to accurately know how many guests will be expected to attend so that the right location may be selected.  Taking these two factors into consideration will greatly help you to choose from the main options available which will be a hotel lounge or other similar lounge location, a church hall or other hall, or a restaurant.

A Hotel Lounge for the Wedding Feast

The advantage of opting for a hotel lounge for the  feast is that you'll have a wide variety of wedding reception locations with a similarly wide range of prices to choose from.  Therefore you may find that this could be the best way to go if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive wedding banquet. In hotels lounges, everything like the china, menus, tablecloths and decorations  and  is usually quite standardized and co-ordinated, which can help make the planning easier.

Specialised Lounges for the Wedding Banquet

There are many establishments dedicated specifically to  celebrations of this type.  Their advantages are that you'll experience a high degree of professionalism and experience in specialized banquets.  There should also probably be  a good variety in the services that offer.

Choosing the Day of the Wedding

Any time of the year is good to marry and almost any day of the week, depending on the type of ceremony that you have chosen.

In the summer, the days are longer and really even a weekday can be chosen to us for the celebration. Evening weddings at this time of year are becoming evermore commonplace ideas. Suitable days for a night time celeration would be a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  Sundays may be considered for an evening celebration but it should be borne in mind that many of the guests will be likely to need to start their working week on the following day. This could mean that some aren't so much in the party mood to fully enjoy the reception as much as they may otherwise do on one of the other days mentioned.  For the same reason, many would possibly decide to leave the celebration earlier than they may have done on one of the other days mentioned above.  It's better therefore to keep any Sunday celebrations to either lunchtime or the afternoon

If choosing a Saturday it should be borne in mind that Saturdays are the most popular day of the week for a wedding.  Statistics from 2006 show that 62% of weddings occurred on a Saturday.  The next most popular day was Friday with 18%, then Sunday with just 5%.  Thursdays were next with  4.6%, followed by the remaining 3 days of the week which each had just over 3% each.  

Taking the significantly higher relative popularity of Saturdays into consideration, you're likely to find that it will be more difficult to find a venue for your wedding reception and meal on a Saturday than on other days of the week.

You may base the date of your wedding day on the availability of people that you want to attend and who may need to travel considerable distance from their home. However, often, in spite of our best wishes, it ends up that they cannot attend the event anyway, and because of them we have sacrificed a place that we may have loved simply because of trying to arrange a suitable date.


A Garden Wedding with an Outdoor  Reception

A Garden Wedding can be a phenomenal choice for the ceremony and cocktails.  Although any month or season is appropriate, you should always have a covered space for the wedding feast itself, as the weather can sometimes be very unpredictable. Soggy bread rolls and guests drenched in rain wouldn't be the type of outdoor wedding reception you'd want to remember.

It's recommended therefore to hold the actual wedding meal under a tent.  This has the added benefit of extending your range of months during which you can have a garden wedding, enabling you to base the timing not so much on the weather but rather on other important reasons for you, like your work commitments or other significant dates

In spring and autumn, you will be able to count on the sun being able to provide you with good lighting until 5.00 PM in the afternoon, so if you choose to start the proceedings at noon you'll have a good 5 hours of decent daylight.  If the banquet is in the evening and the garden cannot be used due to the cold, a good view to admire from inside will always be something pleasant.

If having a garden wedding ceremony in the summer, you should be careful to leave the marriage until the evening after 7.00 PM.  Whatever you do, don't go for a midday or early afternoon wedding during a hot july - your guests will be grateful to you for the later timing when it's a more comfortable temperature.

During the winter it doesn't make much difference whether you choose a noon or evening wedding, as the celebrations will necessarily be held indoors.  The ceremony could normally be held any time up to about 6.00 PM.  Winter weddings are a much more exclusive event, and can still be beautiful with jut a little bit of decration. Guests are appreciative of winter weddings, giving them a very special occasion to look forward to and celebrate during the colder months.

A Restaurant for the Wedding Reception

Some restaurants are great ideas for weddings that are not too large. The scope of  menus which will be available can be quite considerable, giving your guests a good choice depending on your prior arrangements with the restaurant. The prices are based on the class of the premises and the content of the menu.

Rented property or the Bride and Groom's Home with Catering

It is is very fashionable these days to celebrate a wedding in the garden of the bride or groom's house, in which case catering will be hired. If it decided to rent a separate property for the celebrations there are two possibilities.  Either the bride and groom can choose the property and rent it from the owners for the day, and later hire the catering separately, or the second option is to go to a company that already has a selction of properties specifically for wedding celebrations, where the catering will be included in with the deal.  

When deciding on a location, think about the types of surroundings that will please you the most, to help you to choose between hotels, restaurants, castles, a country estate or your own property.

Once the day, month and hour have been decided upon, and the type of preferred location has been agreed upon, you can then decide how far away from your home you are prepared to travel.  It may be worth covering quite a distance for your perfect wedding, as it's such a one-time event.  On the otrher hand you don't want to be too exhausted by travelling the journey.

As you will see the choices are so many and varied that you'll be able to decide between several options for your own ideal wedding reception.

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