Wedding Invitation Ideas and Tips

Wedding Invitation
Although we live in the telecommunications era and that of the high speed Internet, when spreading the good news of a wedding, couples nearly always prefer to follow tradition and to send the invitations by postal mail or in person rather than use the phone or internet.

The small details are very important to leave a good memory with the guests. In the case of the invitations, they must have something special, something to remember the couple by.  The invitations are a fundamental element at the time of organizing a wedding or any other type of celebration.

Specialized printers have an ample range of designs so that any couple can find a suitable style of card. You can still stay within tradional etiquette for the important wording but can, at the same time, choose a style of card that suitably fits the bride and groom's unique personality or the type of celebration that they intend to organize. Good printers will be able to give you samples so that you can see the quality of their work and hold it in your hands before deciding to go with them.

You'll be able to choose between many options: from cards which have an olden world craft style to those printed with the finest and most modern finish. They are the prelude to the celebration, so it is the first decision in which you can excel and show your brilliant ideas and originality for your big day.  

If it's a nature loving couple about to be married, cards and envelopes featuring animals or natural objects can be selected. As an extra special ecological touch, cards using recycled paper or from sustainably grown forests can be chosen.  Sports loving couples may be able to find a printer who can give a sporty design to the invitations.  You can even get science-fiction themed invitations for fans of Star Wars and similar movies and TV series.

When planning the design of your wedding invitations, remember that they should always include the name of the bride and groom, and, if it is desired, the names of the parents. Of course, you mustn't forget to including the place, the day and the time that the celebration will take place.

It is important that the invitations are as personal as possible. You will need to decide upon the design and get the printing done as early as possible after finalizing the guest list, as the invitations must be in the hands of the guests at least a a month before the wedding. In fact, to be safe it is advisable to place the printing order four or five months ahead of the  wedding date.

It is a nice touch to write the names of the guest by hand on the envelopes. After all they are the loved ones and special friends of the couple who are going to share that very intimate day, and that extra detail gives a feeling of personalization and affection.

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