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All the elements and details of your Wedding are very important, but the wedding photographs and video are the lasting records of your unique big day which, if carefully kept and backed up, will last for your whole lifetime and even beyond that for future generations to remember you by.  For that reason, choosing the right packages for your photography and videography is uniquely vital and important.

The bride's wedding dress will, no doubt, be extraordinarily elegant, but it is difficult to imagine that you'll ever need to use it again - indeed hopefully you never will.  The flowers will be beautiful, but within a few days of the wedding ceremony they will wither away and die, as is their nature.

The exquisite cake and the abundant food will be delicious, but you will eat it all on that one big day (apart from maybe a doggie bags which you and the guests may take away, but even these will be consumed within a few days or weeks of the wedding). Music or the orchestra will be admirable… but once finished it will disappear from your head.

And so on with all the elements that compose your wedding. But of all of them there is one that will be tangible, to thrill you and enable you to remember again everything that happened on that so special day. This is the photography and the video. All brides and grooms will discuss the quality of every  part of the wedding in intricate detail: the banquet, hall, music, flowers.  But in a very high percentage of cases, the wedding photographers for the still photographs and videography are chosen from an economic perspective, looking almost entirely at prices to stay within a specific budget, with a cheap photographer being selected often at the expense of quality.

If professionalism and satisfaction are sacrificed, your everlasting photographs and videos could end up shaky, blurry and out of focus.  The difference between the work of a top quality professional photographer or videographer and someone more amateur can be immense and immediately noticeable  In quite a few cases, even friends and relatives are used as the video and stills photographer without any type of professionalism or artistic sense.

Please don't scrimp on this aspect of your big day, or you could live to regret it forever.  Rather than cutting your costs and going for a discount photographer, it is recommended that you choose a good professional for your wedding.  You'll only have this one chance of capturing those ever-precious memories on video or film.

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