How and When to Send Wedding Invitations

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Once we have decided who to invite to our wedding, we will need to get ready to send the invitations. In order to ensure that everyone gets their invitation, you should make a list in alphabetical order which contains the following details of our guests: name, address, number of invitations and confirmation. You may wish to do this in the traditional pen and paper method of drawing up the list, but in these modern times, if you know how to use one, you can may want to utilize a spreadsheet like Openoffice calc which comes as part of the free Openoffice package (similar to Microsoft's "Office" program suite).  Using a spreadsheet will enable you to carry out this task in an organised and efficient way,  You can quickly and easily copy the details to additional spreadsheets or documents, for example when organising tables at the reception, and can easily remove guests if necessary, rather then scribbling and scratching the list on pieces of paper.  

If the invitation is directed to several members of a same family, that is to say parents and children, the phrase "and family" should be added after the name of the head of household. The invitations enclosed are then for all that family's direct relatives.

It is advisable to order more invitation cards than you actually need, just in case you make mistakes when sending them or you decided to invite somebody at the last minute.

The invitations must be sent at least a month and a half before the date of the wedding and even earlier if the date coincides with the vacation season, when  your intended guests may spend days or weeks away from their home and therefore will not be around to check their post. This advanced notice allows the guests to organize themselves and will also ensure that the bride and groom receive the confirmations and cancellations in ample time for the big day.

If the wedding invitation is sent to a family with small children, it should be indicated specifically whether the children are also invited.   For an invitation which is sent to an unmarried person, where we know that he or she may wish to come accompanied, we can add to that persons name the phrase “and companion” on the invitation.

The best way of writing the wedding invitation is by hand and with pen. Always make sure that you have an up to date address for all of the guests so that the invitations go to the right place - you don't want the new owner of aunty Hilda's old house to come crashing the wedding!.

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