Writing Wedding Thank You Cards and Notes

It's best to wait until after your honeymoon to send your wedding thank you cards.  The objective of the honeymoon is to enjoy the time shared together with no preoccupations or tensions and nothing to remind the newlyweds of the daily routine. When the couple returns from the Honeymoon, the thank-you notes, letters or cards should be sent to show appreciation for the wedding gifts that the happy couple have received.

Writing a thank you card

It is always pleasant to receive a thank you card. Your guests have used their time and money to get your wedding present and they will love knowing how much you appreciate it. At the least you should send to a brief, but original and sincere card to say thanks to them.  The best thank you notes are the ones that come from the heart!

When to send thank you cards

You should send thank you cards in appreciation of the gifts, once the hustle and bustle of the wedding, and the subsequent relaxation of the honeymoon have passed. Sending the cards will actually help to remind you what items you have been given and thus what you don't need to buy yourselves for your newly married life together.  It will also be useful for the person who sent the gift to you, as it will confirm that the gift was correctly sent and received. The thank you cards should be sent within a month from the bride and grooms return from their honeymoon

Save time preparing and writing the thank yous

The best thing is to write notes on the  back of personalized cards, on which are written the name of the persons you are thanking and their address. It is a good idea to prepare these cards with the names and addresses at the same time that the wedding invitations are sent. We know that for this the bride is usually in charge, but the gifts were sent them to both the bride and the groom, so the fairest thing is that they both share the task. Organize a little time each day to dedicate yourselves to this.

Content of the thank you note

  • Never write the thank you notes by computer, typewrite or any kind of mechanical device. They always must be written by hand to make them personal.
  • Write in your best clear and legible handrwiting.
  • Mention the actual gift which was given. Be very specific to ensure that the person who sent the gift to you does not feel that you don't remember the gift that they sent.
  • Both the newlywed husband and wife should sign the thank you notes.

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