Origin of the The Honeymoon Tradition and of the Word HONEYMOON

The HONEYMOON is a tradition which began with the Teutonic peoples, who only celebrated weddings during the Full Moon. The origin of the word Honeymoon comes from the custom that the bride and groom had to drink honey liquor (a fermented drink also known as  mead honey) during the 30 days that followed the wedding.

Nowadays, a honeymoon means the period  after the wedding, usually when the bride and groom go off to a Honeymoon trip to exotic and romantic places.

Honeymoon trips began to become popular in England at the start of the 19th Century where the newly married couple would travel to visit friends and relatives who had been unable to attend the actual wedding ceremony. Often other relatives and friends would accompany the married  couple on their journey.  The popularity of this type of post-wedding journey rapidly spread throughout Europe.

Later in history, around the end of the  19th and start of the 20th Century, the type of honeymoon that we know of today began to become popular, whereby the newly married bride and groom would a take a trip to spend the start of their marriage alone together (usually without friends or family) in a pleasant location.  Popular ideas for Honeymoon destinations at that time were the French Riviera and Italy, especially Rome and Venice. which have been cosidered to be romantic destinations for many a year.

These days, not all honeymoons occur immediately after the wedding.  For example, whilste over 90% of German wedding couples have a honeymoon, not all of thse are the traditional style which occur straight after the day of the ceremony.  In a study of honeymoons in Germany, only 64% of the questioned brides and grooms took a trip immediately after the wedding. However, 36% of the couple took some time to get used to married life at home first before giong on their honeymoon at a later time.

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