Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
Origin and Ideas

The tradition of the bride wearing or carrying something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue at the marriage ceremony is one of the most popular of wedding traditions. What does each type of item represent, and what would be a good choice to wear or carry? Piglette brings you the origin of each type and some great ideas right here.

Something borrowed

Something borrowed symbolizes friendship and the fact that the bride has friends and family who can be relied upon.  The borrowed item should be from a happily married female friend or relative.  It is believed that this person's happiness in marriage will bring goood luck for similar wedded bliss to the bride.

Usually an item of jewelry or a handkerchief is chosen.  The item should be returned to the lender after the wedding ceremony is over.

Something blue

The custom of Something Blue originated in Ancient Israel, where the bride would use a blue bow in her hair to represent fidelity.  In England it is said that those who wear blue have true love.  The wearing of something blue therefore symbolizes loyalty.  It is usually the garter.  The blue lace garter was considered to be a symbol of virginity during the American Civil War.  

Something old

Something Old  is used to denote the sense of continuity in life.. Family bonds, friends, customs, habits and ways of life continue to be essentially the same, and just adapt themselves.  The obect chosen symbolizes what is left behind.  Usually it is a piece of family jewelry. 

Something New

Something New represents the hope of an ideal future. The new item always represents a change and the renovation of the spirit. It symbolizes the new life that is about the begin. Usually it is the wedding dress, underwear, a bouquet of flowers or an item of jewelry.

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