Animated Fractal Software
Piglette presents Fractal Extreme fractal movie creation software

Fractal extreme is a free 14 day trial version of a great program from Cygnus Software.  During the 14 day free period you are able to use most of the fractal movie creation program to its full potential, and to create fractals and fractal movies which will astound you with their chaos and complexity.  

Stills from the type of animated fractal movies you can create using this great free fractal software program  The animated fractal movies can be created from the numerous starting sets, including the well known Mandelbrot set.  Create your own fractals and movies with the trial of this great free fractal creation software program

 Also available as a starting point in this software are the Mandelbrot cubed, Mandelbrot fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and Mandelbrot tenth set, the Mandelbrot Arbitrary Power fractal, the Mandelbrot Complex Power fractal, and a Mandelbrot hidden power fractal.  Plus there is a further choice of three versions of Barnsley fractals, a classic Newton and a complex Newton, and the Nova and Nova fractals.  For all of these there is also the option of the Julia set versions.  And to round off your choices, there is an auto quadratic fractal generator option where you can generate a new and unique fractal ... Try typing in your name in the program and see what kind of fractal you generate!

Download this free animated fractal software and use the program to create unique beautiful fractal movies

Although fractals themselves are highly complex computer art images, using this free fractal software is very easy and requires no mathematical knowledge or knowledge of chaos theory at all.  Most of the animated fractal creation can be done by simply moving and clicking your mouse.  The program's palette editor makes it easy to do colour cycling  for a psychedelic look to your fractal animations and Fractal eXtreme's multi-level undo means you can easily retrace your exploratory steps.

The Fractal eXtreme software has an arbitrary precision (deep zoom) capability which means that you can explore your fractals to unimaginable depths.  On selected equations only, a maximum of two thousand decimal digits of precision (or 7200 zooms) can be achieved!

You can let even let the Fractal eXtreme software explore interesting areas of your fractals automatically - on the Location menu, just click Auto Explorer.

Make your own fractals and movies with this free fractal animation software program

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To download this great free animated fractal software program, please click here:
Download Fractal eXtreme fractal animation creation software - fxsetup.exe  2754Kb.

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