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Free games software

Play the free alien invasion game,"Aggressive". Download this great multi level freeware game and shoot the alien invaders out of space.
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Or click here for a full sized screen shot of this free game.

"Escapade" is a very addictive free game, which is a kind of cross between a platform game and the classic favorite, Pac Man.   There is also a free Mah Jongg game as part of the program too.
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Or click here for a full screen shot of this free games software program.

Download "Multix", a free Tetris game with a difference. This colorful downloadable game allows you to choose the maximum number of blocks in the playing pieces, ranging from the classic Tetris with a maximum of five blocks, to the virtually impossible Nuttix which features pieces with up to ten blocks, including some very weird ones!

Help NASA to protect the Earth from UFO invaders in "Shuttle 3".  This free space shuttle game is a great way to take time out during your breaks at work - it does not need internal speakers but instead uses your internal PC speakers for sound effects.

Get the latest PC games in the USA or buy PC and Video games for UK delivery as well as selected international countries here.

Free Fractal Software

Create fractals with Fractal Extreme free fractal creation software.  This free fractal program will allow you to create your own fractal movies.
Click here for information on this free fractal software program and to go to the download page.
You can see Piglette's Fractal Movies here for examples of what you can create with this great program.

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Free-To-Try Utilities Software

Unsure how to use zip files or mim files?
 Read Piglette's quick guides on how to open zip files and how to open mim files.
Or download the free-to-try Winzip utility software to enable you to use zip files and mim files.

Online Games

Play totally free online java games at Springfrog Search Engine.
Download Oska, your cute desktop buddy
Free interactive desktop buddies - download Oska, your cute screenmate or Tahni, your beautiful talking virtual girlfriend.  They'll entertain you whilst you are on your PC, and will playfully react to your mouse touches!      Download Tahni screenmate, your talking virtual girlfriend

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