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Deep in the 100 Acre wood there's a loveable bear who simply adores honey. Now you can bring Pooh and his animal friends to your home with these charming Lenox fine china Winnie the Pooh figurines. Or buy a figurine for a friend or family member to remind them of this timeless tale of woodland fun.

Presents for Pooh - Lenox Classics 6277313

Presents for Pooh - Lenox Classics 6277313

Item # 6277313
Winnie the Pooh bears a bounty of gifts in this 2004 dated ornament, crafted of hand painted porcelain china, accented in 24-karat gold.

It's Winnie the Pooh Claus! With his arms full of presents for his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. It even looks like Pooh has wrapped up a little something for himself - a pot of gooey honey. This is Presents from Pooh, a fully sculptured collector ornament by Lenox. Here, Pooh is dressed in his Santa hat and cozy scarf. He clutches a pot of honey in one paw, while balancing a stack of gifts in the other. The year of issue appears on Pooh's hat. Crafting ends Christmas Day 2004.


Pooh's Picnic Candlesticks - Lenox Classics 6278469

Pooh's Picnic Candlesticks - Lenox Classics 6278469

Item # 6278469
This 2 piece set is hand painted ivory fine china and highly detailed candlesticks featuring Pooh and his woodland friends preparing a picnic, features 24-karat gold accents.

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the bees are all abuzz. What a brilliant day for Winnie the Pooh and his friends to picnic in the Hundred Acre Wood! These famous Disney friends bring fun to your table in Pooh's Picnic Candlesticks by Lenox. Each candleholder portrays a different scene sculpted from original Disney art. The artistry perfectly expresses the personality of each beloved character. From Pooh's charismatic grin to Eeyore's droopy ears and sullen eyes.


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