Piglette's Fractals
Fractal Gallery 2

 Fractals added 23rd to  25th October 1998.

Piglette's Fractals - ' Fractaluniverse ' - A favorite among our fractal art creations. ' Glass Balls '  fractal.  Please click on the fractals for larger images.

' Jewelled Scarab '  fractal.  Please click on the fractals to get the full sized pictures. Piglette's Fractals - ' Tunnel ' - Please click the fractal thumbnails for full sized images.

' Blue Sparks ' fractal by Piglette - Please click on the fractals for the full image. Piglette's fractals ' Octopus '  - Please click on the fractal to get the full sized image.

Computer generated fractal art from Piglette - ' Flower Myriad '  - Please click on the fractals for the full picture. Fractals by Piglette - ' Butterfly '  - complex computer generated fractal art.

Fractals are beautiful mathematical pictures. If you thought mathematics was just how many degrees there are in a triangle, these beautiful fine fractals will hopefully change your view of maths forever.

More to come soon!,

Please feel free to use any of these fractals as your desktop wallpaper...as long as they are left completely unaltered.

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