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Some early fractals.

Click on the fractals to get a full sized image   Please click on the fractal thumbnails to get the full sized fractals Please click on the fractals to get the full sized picture

More fractals made with more advanced software 29th September 1998 to 7th October 1998.

Piglette's Fractals - ' Metallic Liquid Fan ' - click for full sized fractal image. ' Blue Barbs '  fractal.  Click on the fractals for larger image.

' Gateway '  fractal.  Please click on the fractals for full sized pictures. Piglette's Fractals - ' Planetary Swirl ' - Please click on the fractal thumbnails for full sized pictures.
' Mirrors ' fractal - Please click on thumbnails for full size fractals. Piglette's Fractals - ' Metal Spikes ' Please click for full fractal pictures.

Piglette's Fractals - ' Spacecraft ' click for full fractal art pictures. ' Ice Cavern ' fractal.  Please click on the thumbnails for full sized fractals.

What's a fractal?  Well, the best way I can put it is a picture generated by quite simple mathematical equations but with literally infinite complexity.

You can go on and on zooming into these things forever, finding new patterns that no-one else has seen before.   Space may be the final frontier, but hey, these things must come a close second! These fractals are pure computer generated art.

Fractal Gallery 2

Please click here to view some of Piglette's fractal movies

Create your very own unique fractal movies - visit Piglette's free software selection and download Fractal Extreme!

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