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Full-screen (640x480) sized screenshot from "Aggressive" alien invasion shoot-em-up freeware game program.
Screen shot from this great freeware game, ' Aggressive ' - download fun free games software from Piglette's Fractal Universe

Shoot down the alien invaders before they shoot you !

This great freeware games program has 3 levels, each with numerous different alien invaders which come at your space ship from every angle, changing direction as they attempt to shoot down your space ship.

Fire at the aliens with lasers or missiles. As you collect bonuses through the game, the number of lasers and missiles which you can use per shot increases, so although the alien invaders get more difficult, your space ship gets more fire power throughout the game too.

At the end of each level of the game, there is a particularly difficult alien invader "boss" to deal with - as well as a quite nasty alien half way through each level of the game.

System requirements:

  • Windows 95 or above
  • DirectX version 2 or higher
  • Video card with 1 or 2 Megabytes or more

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