How to open mim files
Piglette's guide on how to use files with a .mim extension

What are mim files?
A .mim file extension is short for MIME.  MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.  In other words, mim files are a way of sending files across the internet as an attachment to e-mail messages.  MIME is simply a format which e-mail can understand and send.  Usually, a file which arrives as a single mim file, when opened, contains several individual separate files.  So that leads to our second question ...

How do I open mim files?
Opening mim files is very simple, as long as you have the correct software to open them.  One of the best programs to open mim files is a free-to-try utility called Winzip, which you can download from the Winzip home page.

Screen shot of a Winzip window.
Winzip screen shot - one of the easiest ways to open mim files
This screen shot shows that the MIME file, "AttnMrPa.mim" contains 8 separate "normal" files.

To open mim files with the Winzip software installed, simply double click on the mim file itself in "File Manager" or "Windows Explorer".  This will automatically start up the Winzip program.  Once you have clicked to agree that you will use Winzip only for evaluation purposes (giving you a maximum 28 days in which to try the software for free), the next screen should offer the option of going into Winzip classic mode.  You need to use the classic mode to open your mim files so choose this option.  This will take you to a screen similar to the sample screen shot above.  If you wish, you can then view the individual files one by one by single clicking on a file and clicking the "view" icon.  An even better way is to highlight all the files (as in the screen shot above) by clicking and holding down your mouse button in one corner and dragging your mouse pointer to the opposite corner.  Then click on the "extract" icon and a window will appear asking you to choose somewhere on your computer to extract the component individual files which make up the mim file.  Just choose somewhere to put these files, and Winzip will "extract" the individual files from your mim file, and you can then view the individual files in the normal manner whenever you wish.

Click here to visit the Winzip home page where you can download the Winzip software so that you can open mim files.

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Extra tip :  Not only can you use Winzip to open .mim files but it can also be used to open and create .zip files too.  Please visit Piglette's  How to open zip files  page for more information.

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