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Meaning and Significance of Rose Colors
What Different Color Roses Symbolize

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Welcome to Piglette's guide to rose meanings. Roses have different meanings depending on their color. You can discover the meaning and significance of rose colors here, and can also find some interesting facts, mythology and folklore about roses on these pages too.  Clicking on the rose pictures or underlined text will take you to the pages dedicated to the particular colored roses where you can find out more interesting facts and information, and can also buy the roses online.

Red roses
Red roses convey love and respect.  They also symbolize courage.

A dozen red roses are the ultimate symbol of love from the heart.

Yellow roses
Yellow roses mean joy and friendship. 

They also stand for happiness, hope and freedom.

Peach roses
Peach roses are perfect gifts to show gratitude and appreciation.

In addition they can also be used to convey admiration or sympathy.

White roses

White roses symbolize innocence, purity, reverence and humility.

They can mean secrecy and silence and convey a sacred feeling.

Pink roses
Pink Roses and their Meaning

Pink roses often have a similar meaning to peach roses.  They can say " Thank you " or can convey admiration or sympathy.

In addition they mean grace, gentility,  joy and perfect happiness.

Multi colored roses
Multi colored roses  can be used to convey a wide range of emotions. 

These are a good gift idea if you are not sure what to say, as these flowers say it all!

Regardless of color, roses sent every month convey the message: Beauty Ever New

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