Boxed Red Roses
Plus The History and Meaning of Red Roses

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Boxed red roses
A Dozen Red Roses Boxed Bouquet

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Red roses are the ultimate expression of love and affection.  Suitable for any occasion, or just when you want to send a surprise romantic gift, red roses will always be appreciated by the receiver! 

Red roses symbolize pure love from the heart.

According to Greek Mythology, Venus's  son, cupid, shot arrows into the garden after being stung by a bee.  The resulting "sting" from the arrows is said to have given roses their thorns.  Later, when Venus was walking through the garden, she pricked her foot on one of the thorns, and the droplets of her blood were what colored the roses red.

The ancient Romans were passionate about roses, and these beautiful flowers played their own small part in the history of the Roman Empire.  Cleopatra is said to have covered the floors of her palace with delicate rose petals as an aid to her seduction of Anthony, and Roman Emperors, including Nero, spent huge amounts acquiring roses for their banquets.

Roses go even further back in history than Roman times however - archeologists have recently discovered fossilized remains of wild rose bushes over 40 million years old!

Dancing red rose

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