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Piglette's selection of Free Software.

      Welcome to Piglette's free software selection.

 Tired of downloading free software from the internet that simply doesn't work?

Here at Piglette, all the programs you will find actually do what they are supposed to.

Free programs will be regularly added to Piglette's new free software menu page, so please bookmark Piglette and come back soon to check out the latest addition.

This page you are viewing features a great game, Escapade.
 It contains two actual games.  The main one is a cross between a platform game and the classic pac-man.  The game starts off simple, but the screens become more complex as you continue.  It really is one of the most addictive games to play.
There is also a bonus Mah Jongg game too, which is a very relaxing game to play.

Please click below to download the free program.
Download escape20.zip - games software - 2.48Mb


Please visit Piglette's free software menu page for more free games software and other freeware utilities and programs to download, including a great freeware fractal movie creation program, Fractal Extreme.

To see some examples of what can be created with the free Fractal Extreme program, please see Piglette's Animated Fractals.

Have Fun, and come back soon for more free software to download straight from the internet.

Free Software

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