Best Shade Tree Growing Tips

If you want to grow a tree for the purpose of shading your garden, you’d probably want something that provides ample shade and grows fast, too. This should be an easy task because there are a lot of trees you can choose from, plus the fact that there are many things you can do to hasten the growth of trees. Piglette aims to help with some of the best shade tree growing tips to help your plants grow happily and healthily.

There are 2 types of trees: long-lived and short-lived. Choose the short-lived tree if you’re just looking for a temporary shade for your garden. On the other hand, go for a long-lived tree if you plan to keep it for years.

If you opt for the short-lived plant, expect that the root system will be aggressive. Hence, it’s good if you have plenty of area for your tree to grow. Otherwise, don’t plant the tree adjacent to deep-rooted plants or septic tanks. Naturally, you should place a tree near the area you want to shade. For maximum shading, plant it on the western or southern side.

How you bought your shade tree determines when you should plant it. Early spring and fall is the best time to plant your shade tree if you bought it in a burlap bag. Trees grown in containers can be planted almost anytime of the year, just make sure that the roots are not constricted by the container. Before you plant the tree, make sure that you add moisture to it regularly.

To accelerate your tree's growth, you should prepare your soil well for your shade trees. Dig a bigger hole for the root ball and work it over well before you replace it so the roots can penetrate through the soil better. For best results, add the fertilizer and nutrients to the soil before you replace it. You can also try organic materials like mulch. To encourage quick growth of your tree, bark and any branches or twigs will do.

You should plant the tree at the proper depth. Don't compress the soil too much when you replace it. Provide its first watering right after planting and before putting a 2- to 3-inch layer of organic mulch at the base of your tree.

Nitrogen fertilizer should be used during your tree’s early life. Read the label's instructions so you that know exactly how much to apply and when to apply it. Do not apply excessive fertilizer while the tree is young. Wait until it has been planted for a year. Also, make sure that you water down the fertilizer you added.

You will need to consider many more things if you want a tree that grows quickly. However, the key is in planning as it enables you to provide an environment for your tree to grow quickly. In return, your tree will provide you with ample shade that you want.

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