Best Fun Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas

If the bachelor party has been a tradition for the men, now it has begun to be a custom for the ladies too. These days, the barriers have fallen and women have invaded all the territories which were previously only for men in times gone by. The modern woman's bachelorette party adopts elements of the men's bachelor night, including music, dancing, sharing secrets chats among friends and laughter. Some of the more steamy aspects have even been adopted by the ladies, like oggling a male stripper, inserting a few dollars into the g-strings of a few well-muscled men in one of those stage dances that the ladies like. The women may even give the bride toys related to the consumation of the marriage, like enormous phalluses or aprons which appear to show the bare body underneath.

Fun bachelorette party ideas can include activities like Poker.

This can only be a fair thing. If men can have a good time celebrating the end of being single, then so can the ladies. If the guys can enjoy a drink or two, the women can too - both genders in moderation of course before the wedding so as not to cause a hangover! And if there are other women with the men during the bachelor party, like a strip tease for example, then the bride and her friends can have a bit of similarly innocent fun.

As with the men, modern ideas for the bachelorette party don't necessarily have to involve strippers though.  Indeed, some of the suggestions on our page of alternative bachelor party ideas can be equally as much fun for a bachelorette party too.  Ladies may particularly want to get together for more genteel activities like a pamper party at a spa, or you could all become supermodels in a stylish photo-shoot together.  Another luxurious idea could be to hire a limousine for the night, living it up in the lap of luxury as you travel around the best places in town.  Taking in a show at one of the top theatres in town would be a treat for all, or enjoying the fun of a drag act could be a delightful experience to remember.

You could all dress up and be the belles of the horse racing track, or if you can get to a casino you could try winning your fortune there (just remember to only risk as much as you would want to spend on the bachelorette splurge anyway).  If you prefer to stay away from casinos or can't reach one from your town, you could have a girls poker night at home. Just make sure that playing poker at home is legal where you live if you're playing for a bit of money.  If it isn't you can have just as much fun playing without money anyway.  A pyjama party is a fantastic idea and a great way of re-living younger days, with some tasty food treats, drinks and some fun girlie TV.

If using the services of a professional company for these pre-wedding parties, you'll mostly discover that the same companies who organize the celebrations for the groom offer their full range of services for the bride as well, simply changing some of the details to suit the female taste.

Whatever your choice of bachelor or bachelorette party may be, as a groom or bride tomorrow, enjoy with your friends today the final taste of single life, but remember youíre about to get married to the person you love, so donít go to too far or do anything youíll regret.

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