How to Choose your Wedding Dress Style and Groom's Suit Design

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Wedding Dress Styles

The choice of the bride's wedding dress is something that depends on taste, by all means, but certain norms exist on the matter. First and most traditional is that brides customarily dress in white, although nowadays cream colors are very acceptable. Many designers flirt with other tones, like blue, mallows, roses and red or even black.

Rather short women should avoid skirts which are excessively voluminous, since they would only flatten their figure more. It is better opt for thinner waisted skirts without cross-sections. The sleeves must be simple, neither puffed up or excessively light.

The golden rule of choosing a wedding dress is simplicity.  Some brides make the mistake of think that the more adornments, bows and frills they wear, the better it will make them look for their big day.  Nothing could be further from the truth. It should not be forgotten that the simple act of  going all in white, with a long, rich fabric dress, covering yourself with a veil and carrying a bouquet of flowers in your hands is already enough to make you look completely dazzling on your special day.

Another important aspect important is to look for a wedding dress of which fits your personality.  That is to say, that if you always wear jeans, to not go for an overly sophisticated dress.  The dress should also match any particular theme of wedding that you may have chosen. If you organize a rustic wedding, forget the stiletto heels and cabaret-style dresses. In the same way, in a civil wedding one is not as subject to the norms of protocol like in a religious church wedding, but common sense still rules: in the courthouses and registry offices short dresses or skirts at half-calf length, such as may be worn out on a shopping street are much more acceptable.

Tall women do not have so many problems, since they can settle for any style. The dress totally fitted to the body like a glove, will suit them perfectly.  However, if she is very tall and the intention is for her not to seem to have so much height, dresses with skirts which have a lot of volume with cross sections, pleats frills and layers.can be the best choice.

If you think that you have a few extra pounds, it is best that you choose a wedding dress with simple lines, without many embellishments, and in a style which does not cling tightly to the waist. The general rule in choosing the dress is to try to disguise any possible defects and to highlight the parts of the body that you like. For example, for  women without a waist, tight bodices are not a practical style - you would seem to be on the verge of exploding.

The veil is an optional add-on and is restricted almost always to religious ceremonies. Although it is a somewhat old fashioned style, it is a perfect ally for the timid or nervous bride. As a general rule, the veil must never have more importance than the dress and, although it sounds obvious, has to harmonize with it. In actuality it is not so easy to find two matching whites, mainly because the weaves are going to be different. The length of the veil depends on personal  preference, but it has to be chosen with comfort and practicality primarily in mind. Think, for example of a bride wearing a veil of a certain length and rehearse at home the moment that the priest declares you husband and wife and the veil is removed from the face.  The bride should be able to do this without fuss and without destroying her hairdo.

With regard to the choice of lingerie that the bride will wear on the wedding day, not only should the questions of whether it is pretty or ugly or if it is suggestive and sexy be considered. The main thing to think about is comfort, since it is going to be a very busy day and it would not be good  for the bride to have to hitch up her underclothes all the time due to lack of support. In addition, it is fundamental to ensure that the underwear is suitable for the dress, that is to say, that the underwear does not create lines, particularly if it is a fitted dress. Also be sure that the bra fits the neckline of the dress. For this reason, the best advice is that the test wearings of the dress are performed with the same set of underwear that the bride is going to wear on the wedding day.

Groom's Suit

Although the bride with her white dress, frills, bouquet and veil is usually is the center of attention, the groom still needs to look the traditional part. Despite the fact that he is supposed not to know how the dress of his bride will look, it is preferable that the couple discuss between themselves the general style, so that a complete mismatch between their styles does not happen, with the bride for example arriving in the most modern vanilla coloured pant-suit, and the groom standing in the church dressed in a full tuxedo.

One classic style of suite for the groom, which has Spanish origins, is called a "Chaque", which literally means "cutaway".  This comprises a  black or charcoal gray suit, black or gray waistcoat, soft white shirt and grey striped pants. Previously the necktie used to be of gray color, with spots or discreet stripes, but can now be any tone and design.

If a groom decides to wear  a cutaway, the bride and groom's father and the male witnesses also must wear one too, although protocol allows the witnesses to simply wear a dark suit.

Another type of suit, often worn by gala attendees but also used in some wedding is the tailcoat.  This is usually restricted to evening or night time weddings but is not really in general use for the bride aand groom's big day.  It is similar to the cutaway but  with a black jacket and pants and always with a white bow tie. The shirt should always be white, unless you want to be mistaken for a waiter!

You should to take advantage of a special occasion like this one to use a shirt with cufflinks - something that is rare these days but but very elegant.  A necktie pin is also a perfect touch.

Another item of men's jewelry to which you should pay special attention is the watch.  If the groom does not have an elegant one, it is possible to use the good custom of engagement gifts and to ask the bride for one so that the groom will not have to wear a cheap plastic sports watch which would not go well with his dignified suit.

To finish things off, a small but very elegant and festive detail is to place a small flower in the buttonhole, which always must be in harmony with the bridal bouquel, with the same type of flowers.

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