Planning your Wedding Guest List

The decision regarding a rough number of people that will be invited to your wedding should be made as early as possible in the planning process.  This  is an important decision , as it will determine the selection of the venue for the wedding reception based on it the size of the hall. Both the bride and groom's parents should be consulted during the preparation of the guest list, as they are likely to be experienced in the wedding process and their help will probably be needed in contacting other family members to check whether they will be available to attend the wedding.  An approximation of the number of guests should then be determined.  Usually from this number you can, on average, deduct about 15 to 20 percent of guests who will not actually turn up on the day for some reason like illness, travelling problems or other commitments.

The Wedding Budget

No-one wants to dwell too much on the subject of money when it comes to the big day, but this point is fundamental when it comes to deciding the wedding guest list.  It is very important to know, at least  approximately, the wedding budget that you will have.  This will be a major guide at the time of choosing the place and overall design of the wedding.The market will offer you a very varied range of locations with different prices and possibilities for your wedding.  Knowing the budget available will ensure that you will not waste time, nor you will long for that one elusive location where perhaps you could not  afford to celebrate the big day.


Rather than rush through planning all the details of the guest list in one single meeting, it is better to first write up a preliminary list, then after a bit of consideration, have a second meeting to finalize the details. If you are any good with spreadsheets like excel, you may want to try drawing up your list on a worksheet like Openoffice Calc.

If you use a wedding planner,  they will almost certainly be able to print the preliminary list, with some nice options, like dividing it into  groups with totals of guests in each group for example.

You can then spend another day discussing the list with your families.  At this final stage you may consider striking off some names and adding others at that point who may possibly not have come to mind or maybe not thought to be able to be fitted in during that first meeting.

This two-step process will ease the preparation of the final list and will avoid too much pressure and interference.

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