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"Blue Hole"

Piglette's fractals - Blue Hole - Beautiful mathematical chaos.

This is my favorite of the early fractals that I first created for Piglette's gallery back in 1998. "Blue Hole" is a beautiful spiral of mathematical chaos. It reminded me of a black hole, with spirallng systems of stars, planets and dust swirling toward and into it. Maybe the blueness is some kind of blue dust in the galaxy that the hole inhabits. As the hole swallows the blue dust, although we can't see it (as light can't escape from a back hole), the hole itself may even be turning blue.

As an interesting fact, did you know that the matter at the heart of a black hole is packed so dense that a thimble full would weigh as much as a mountain. Luckily, the blue hole picture on your computer monitor isn't that heavy, otherwise your computer screen would probably fall straight through into your basement. I expect it would start trying to suck the entire planet earth in as well!

You can return to the first page of Piglette's computer generated fractal art galleries for more colorful creations by simply clicking the "Blue Hole" picture. I hope you enjoy my humble creations.

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