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Screen shot from "Escapade" - Multi screen strategic game program.

Screen shot of Escapade - a platform style strategy game.  Just one of the free games programs available from Piglette.  A fun freeware software program.
This is a full-sized (640x480 pixels) shot of just one of the many screens available on this free games software program.

Minimum system requirements for the game of Escapade:

  • Windows 95 or above
  • 16 Megabytes of RAM
  • 60 Megahertz CPU
Escape the deadly flesh eaters whilst trying to collect the gold nuggets in this fun free game.  This is a type of cross between the classic " Pac Man " and a platform game.  In many of the screens you will have to use strategy and intelligence to think of solutions to get to the gold, and build structures to reach your goals and traps for the flesh eaters by moving bricks around.

This free games program contains a large nunber of screens to test your mind.  You can choose at which level of difficulty you wish to play the games, and can alter the background and foreground to your own tastes.  There is also a free Mah Jongg game too as a bonus program, which is a very relaxing way to unwind after being chased by all of those horrible flesh eaters!

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