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Escapade - Free multi screen game.

Escapade is a cross between a platform game and the classic Pac Man game.

Screen shot of the free game, Escapade.  A strategic free software program - a kind of cross between the classic pac man and platform games.
Half sized screen shot of "Escapade" free game.

Collect the gold nuggets whilst avoiding the deadly flesh eaters.  You can travel along the bricks, up the ladders or along the overhanging rails.  Press the space bar to pick up bricks which you can the position elsewhere.  You will need to use thought and strategy and in this free game in order to place the bricks in positions which allow you to get to the gold.  The flesh eaters will try their best to thwart your strategic attempts though!

The program also contains a bonus relaxing Mah Jongg game.

To download the free software to enable you to play this free game, simply click on the link below.
Download Escape20.zip - Free Games Software from Piglette - 2.48Mb

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For a full sized screen shot of one of the "Escapade" game screens, please click on the half sized screen shot above.

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