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Shuttle 3

Shuttle 3 is a completely free downloadable space shuttle game.  Whilst on a NASA mission to carry out maintenance to enable the Hubble telescope to take even better deep field pictures than before, you are surprised to see unknown spacecraft approaching from directly ahead.  Initially you think they could be the newly designed model of  Soviet space craft which are on their way to convey supplies and materials to the International Space Station.  However, as they draw nearer you realise these ships are totally different to anything you have ever seen or heard of before.  You realise that these must truly be alien spacecraft.  Before you have time to think about your next action, you are suddenly being fired upon.

A laser beam hits your shuttle and your life flashes before your eyes.  Fortunately the alien lasers seem to be surprisingly low powered.and your ship stays in one piece.  You realise, however, that a few more hits like that and you'll never set your feet on Earth again.  Reluctantly you know the only way out of this is to fight.  Regretfully, it seems that mankind's first contact with alien intelligence is unable to be a peaceful event - you will need to fend off the alien invaders before they take over the entire planet Earth!

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 Playing Shuttle 3

In order to defend your space shuttle in the event of attack, NASA has recently fitted your ship with a top secret high powered laser weapon.  Use your space bar to fire, and use your arrow keys to move your shuttle.  It is quite manoueverable, and can move up and down the screen, as well as left and right.   You may find that adjusting your computer's keyboard repeat delay to its shortest setting (using your control panel Keyboard settings) will enhance the playability of this game. Game Requirements

Shuttle 3 is a great little game to play at work - on your breaks of course :-) as it does not need external speakers.  The sound is produced by your computer's internal speakers, so if your boss has not given you any speakers for your computer, you'll still get all the effects!

The download sized of this free game is only  96Kb.  Downloading should take less than a minute with most modems.

A 80-486 processor or faster is required to run the game properly without sound.  With a Pentium® Processor, particulary 133Mhz or above there should be no problem running this game with all of its options enabled including the sound.

The freeware download comes as a zip file so you will need to use an unzipping program to install the game.  Please read Piglette's guide on how to open zip files if you are unsure how to use zip files.

Once unzipped, Shuttle 3 needs approximately 2.6 megabytes of hard disk space, and playing the game requires at least 73 KB of free conventional memory.

Download Shuttle 3 Space Game 96Kb

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