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"Ice Cavern" - THE Piglette Fractal

The full sized version of the Piglette fractal Logo - ' Ice Cavern ' - please see below if you wish to use any of Piglette's fractals except Ice Cavern for your desktop wallpapaper - Thanks

THE Piglette Fractal, "Ice Cavern" - this is the full-sized version of the Piglette fractal Logo, originally created in 1988.

When I originally created this fractal I thought it was the best one I'd ever made. Even now, after spending time creating many fractals I still think it's the most outstanding. It seems to have a real feeling of 3D depth, with the "ice" nodules from the top and bottonm of the picture appearing to create a deep cavern. Deep within thhe centre of the cavern you can see the shape of the famous Mandelbrot set, with brights sparks shooting out from it.

Piglette gives authorisation for any of Piglette's fractals except Ice Cavern to be used as desktop wallpaper as long as they are left completely unaltered (including the www.piglette.com url).
Thank you for respecting Piglette's hard work    :-)

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