Piglette's Fractals
"Mirrors" - Colorful Computer Art

' Mirrors ' - fine colorful tierazon fractals from Piglette's Fractal Universe

Peer into the fractal mirrors and see these amazing colorful fractals looking back at you.

Have you ever been to somewhere where there are two mirrors facing opposite each other? There are lifts in a hotel near me, which have mirrored walls. Looking into one mirror, not only can you see your own reflection (and everyone and everything else in the lift) but you can see the reflection of the reflection in the mirror on the opposite wall. And in that, the reflection of the first mirror is reflected again - it goes on forever into infinity. It's amazing to experience and looking into something like this gives a huge sense of depth. It makes the lifts seem huge too (maybe even infinitely huge like the reflections). These fractal mirrors reminded me of such a thing - the way you can see the fractals continuing in infinitely smaller versions through the picture.

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