Piglette's Fractals and Fractal Art
"Web 1"

One of Piglette's early fractals - Please click to jump to Piglette's fractal gallery

This is an early fractal that I created around 1998. In fact it's one of the very first fractals that I created for the internet, so I though that the name Web 1 would be very apt for this picture. I'm not sure where I first heard about fractals (probably on a TV science program like the BBC's Horizon) but I'd certainly heard about fractals long before getting my PC, and had been totally fascinated by them ever since I first saw them. I remember going to my local reference library and checking out a book on chaos theory which included a number of images, and being captivated by their colorful beauty. One of the first things I did when I first got my computer and connected to the internet was to try to find a fractal creation program so that I could have a go at creating some of these amazing images myself. It's quite a while ago now, and I must admit that my foggy old memory can't recall the name of the program that I used to create Web-1 and the two other early images at the top of Piglette's first fractal art gallery but all I can remember is that the image and it's two early fractal friends at the top of the first gallery were made by a software program I downloaded from AOL's download section.

You can view Piglette's fractal gallery by clicking on the "Web 1" picture above. I really hope you like my little creations

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