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Piglette's fractals - 'Mmmm2' - A strange name for this little fractal created from the mandelbrot set

I guess Mmmm2 is a bit of a strange name for a fractal.  Why Mmmm2 ?  Well, I could say that this is something to do with a complex mathematical calculation concerning the mandelbrot set and chaos theory...but the true answer is just that this fractal is created from part of the mandelbrot set, and I'd already created M1, Mm1, Mmm1, Mmm2 etc, so this was the next progression on, and the name has stayed with this little fractal ever since!

To me, the picture brings to mind the red-hot surface of a distant planet in the dawn of it's creation. With such severe heat, the surface rocks are molten, and glow like the lava that comes from a volcano. But within this landcape of red heat, a valley of blue water flows like an inexplicable and wondrous oasis. As the water meets the glowing red lava, the rock cools slightly and the redness turns to a bright hot yellow. Are there the beginnings of life starting to grow at the edges of the warm waters? Who knows, maybe the alien lifeforms that are in their infancy of life may one day evolve and their transmissions could be picked up by us here on planet earth. Why not visit Piglette's UFO section where you can find out how you can download a screensaver which really will enable you to Help in the scientific search for UFO's and Extra Terrestrial intelligence.

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