Help in the Search For UFO s and Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
A scientific approach to UFO research

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Assist faster with Scientific UFO Research

The truth about UFO's and Alien life may be "out there", as they say in the X-Files, but the question so far has been how do we find them?  Finally, a scientific approach to UFO research has been launched whereby anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world is now able to download a free screensaver which will help in the search for UFOs, Alien life and Extra Terrestria Intelligence.

 The Project, "SETI at home" is possibly the most exciting development in UFO research which everyone can participate in.  Whilst you are not using your PC, it can be analysing downloaded radio telescope data to assist this search for UFO's  and Alien Intelligence.  There is a small but captivating possibility that your computer could detect the murmur of an Alien Civilisation previously unknown.

SETI at home is real science based at the University of California at Berkeley. The data is from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world. The project was launched in its beta phase in January 1999, with the project's website fully launching in May 1999. By the time 50,000 PCs were involved, the scope of the search rivalled all current SETI projects, and by July 2004 the total number of users who had downloaded the seti screensaver was over 5 million, with around 450,000 active users (SETI describe an active user as one who has returned at least 1 result in the past 4 weeks). Seti at home is a purely scientific project, so you won't find any nasty software or viruses bundled with the free screensaver.

To find out how you can help in the search for UFOs, simply click on this hyperlink.  Who knows, your PC could be the one which finds the first traces of alien life!

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