Anniversary Gifts by Year
Modern and Traditional Anniversary Presents and Ideas

Each year's wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated by a particular type of gift.  The details below show both traditional and modern Anniversary gifts by year.  Click the links which are on some of the years' gifts to get a great selection of suitable presents and ideas carefully chosen by Piglette.
Annversary Year
Traditional Gifts
Modern Gifts
First anniversary gift 1st is traditionally paper Clocks
2 year anniversary Cotton China
3rd Leather Crystal or glass
4th Fruit, flowers or linen Electrical appliances
5th wedding anniversary Wood Silverware
6th Sugary sweets or iron Wood
7th Copper or wool Desk sets
8th Bronze Linen and Lace
9th Willow or pottery Leather
10th anniversary Aluminium or tin Diamond jewelry
11th Steel Fashion jewelry
12th Silk or linen Pearls
Lucky 13 Lace Furry textiles
14th Ivory Gold jewelry
15th Crystal glass Watches
20th wedding anniversary gift China Platinum
25th wedding anniversary  Silver Anniversary Gifts Sterling Silver
30th Pearl Diamond
35th celebration Coral Jade
From the 40th Anniversary onwards, traditional anniversary gifts by year are the same as the modern presents for that year.
40th Ruby
45th Sapphire
50th wedding anniversary is gold Golden anniversary gifts and ideas for a fiftieth anniversary.
55th Emeralds
60th Diamond

As you may notice, after the 15th anniversary there are gaps of 5 years in between the selections.  There are no true standard presents for anniversaries during these years so it's entirely your own choice regarding what to give.  For a really great selection of gifts, presents and flowers for these years, check out Piglette's home page.
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Anniversary Gifts by Year.

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