Adventurous Anniversary Ideas for a Memorable Romantic Mini Vacation

Are you tired of the same old routine to celebrate your anniversary? Are you newly-married, and searching for a way to make every anniversary, not just the “milestone” anniversaries, memorable? Regardless of income, I have found that the easiest way to make lasting anniversary memories is to make a mini-vacation of the occasion.

My husband and I will have been married for seven years on our upcoming anniversary in October. For each year that we have celebrated our union, we have taken a short, weekend getaway as our gift to each other to say, “Thank you for being my spouse,” and “I love you”.

Anniversary trips do not have to be expensive to be fulfilling. The easiest way is to find season-appropriate excursions, and capitalize on special offers and discounts. As an example, since our anniversary is in October (we were married on Halloween), we have often chose to take advantage of the discounted rates on motels and attractions in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area since the fall and winter months are considered “off-season” there. Prices for motels are often discounted 50% or more at that time of year. If your anniversary is in the spring or summer months, outings such as ski resorts may provide a viable alternative. Often, ski resorts offer beautiful scenery and encounters with nature; since spring and summer are considered “off-seasons”, discounted rates may apply.

Other options to consider are local motels or resorts. Hotels near shopping centers and large movie complexes may offer special packages that encompass many different services for one rate. By way of example, my husband and I spent our second anniversary in a hotel fifty miles from our home and took advantage of a “Dinner and a Movie” package they offered which included dinner for two at a nearby restaurant, a movie of our choice at the local cinema, and one night’s lodging, all for around $100.00. Although we didn’t go far from home, we felt like we had “been away” on a vacation, and had plenty of time to spend with one another.

If money is no object, you may wish to consider other, more elaborate trips for your anniversary. On our fifth anniversary, my husband and I received a gift of tickets to a professional football game and weekend lodgings in Washington, D.C. from my parents. Since the fifth anniversary is sometimes considered a “milestone”, my parents decided to give us this gift. We enjoyed ourselves and only had to spend our own money on souvenirs, food and transportation. Events such as sporting events, concerts and seasonal activities (such as fairs or festivals) all make for an enjoyable, memorable anniversary.

The last option for an adventurous anniversary is perhaps the cheapest, but can be the most exciting. A day-long road trip of local and often-overlooked landmarks, state parks and tourist attractions can be enjoyable and sometimes educational. Check in your local area for attractions that many out-of-state tourists may visit but as a local, you have overlooked. My husband and I have done this on more than one occasion, and with careful route planning and time management, our trips have always been enjoyable. Select a few locations which are in close proximity to one another and then plan your drive so that your route takes you to each. The easiest way to plan your route is to make a large circle, starting at a centrally-located city and then going to each destination in succession, ending again at the starting city.

Planning an anniversary adventure is an easy way to get out of the anniversary party rut. With a little creativity and imagination, you, too, can make your next anniversary an adventure!

By Linley B. Marcum

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