Golden Anniversary Gifts
Gold Jewelry and Presents for 50th Wedding Anniversaries

Your 50th wedding anniversary is marked by gold. This is one of the most celebrated anniversaries, so Piglette has carefully tracked down a selection of stunning golden anniversary gifts which we are sure you will truly love.

Just click on the photographs below for more details and prices. International delivery is available for some of these amazing presents where indicated.

18 karat White Gold Necklace with Diamond Centered Heart
18 karat white gold heart necklace with diamond center
Give this sparkling white gold pendant necklace and watch your partner's eyes light up like the glistening diamond which forms the centre of the heart pendant.  It boasts a beautiful quality 18k white gold chain necklace in a loop pattern attached by golden hoops to the stunning diamond pendant.

The pendant comes in a highly polished finish, with a total weight of 4.9 grams. Created by skilled Italian crafstmen, it is shipped directly from Italy at minimum cost to you.  International delivery is available.  This is a gift that will never be forgottem!

Tri Color White Yellow and Red Gold Cufflinks
Tri color white yellow and red gold cuff links
Skilfully crafted in Italy in satin finished 18k tri color gold, these 18k yellow white and red 14k gold cufflinks will enhance the wrists of the man in your life.  The addition of the red gold makes an unusual combination which will also provide an interesting conversation starter.

Low cost worldwide shipping is available so whetheryou live in the UK, US, Australia or anywhere you can order these fabulous cufflinks now.

Gold Byzantine Bracelet
Byzantine Gold Bracelet
One of the most glorious links to wear around your wrist.  Inspired by the ornate jewelry worn by Byzantine Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora, this hollow-weave gold Byzantine bracelet is a magnificent look.  Intricately crafted in rich 10k gold, it evokes the almost lace-like treatment of masonry seen in Hagia Sofia, Instanbul (6th century), a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture.

The Byzantine Empire was one of the all time great civilizations, successfully blending traditions of imperial Rome with Christianity and Greek culture into a distinct, highly influential civilization. It protected the eastern borders of Europe from nomadic invasions, and preserved much of what we know today about classical Greek learning.  In the 11th Century, however, the Byzantine Empire had been weakened and was vulnerable to external challenges. The end of the Empire came in 1453, when the Turks invaded Constantinople.

10K Gold Personalized Ring
Personalized Gold Ring
Celebrate your golden anniversary with this classically styled solid gold personalized ring.  You can choose any message at all which you want to have on the ring, up to 40 charcters in length for the men's ring or 35 character message for the women's version.

For an example idea, why not put your names and the date of your golden annversary on. This could be a gold ring you can hand down to future generations as a family heirloom and keepsake.

Worldwide international delivery is available.  Your ring comes in 10K solid gold in full sizes 9 to 12 ror men, or size 5 to 9 for women.

Personalized Gold Anniversary Bracelet
Personalized Golden Anniversary Bracelet
Make a statement in solid gold with this timeless tribute to your most special occasion.  Handcrafted in 10K Gold, the date of your choice is nestled amid glowing hearts and linked to a 7 and a half inch bismarck chain with double safety clasp.

Follow the links then enter your date on your individual Personalized Gold Anniversary Bracelet as month/day/year - two characters each (for example 02/14/75).

Personalized Gold Cross Pendant and Chain
Personalized gold cross pendant and chain
A superb golden anniversary gift, this 10K Personalized gold cross pendant and chain makes a unique family heirloom with up to 7 letters of personalization.  The splendid chain is 18" in length.

Order now to allow extra shipping time due to the personalized nature of this item.

Heart Shaped Gold and Diamond Earrings
Gold and Diamond Heart Earrings
These heart shaped 10K gold and diamond earrings will add a touch of elegance on any occasion.  The real diamonds glisten with 2 points TDW (Total Diamond Weight).  Follow the link for prices plus more fabuous designs of other styles diamond and gold earrings.
14K gold nugget ring (Free Shipping)
14K gold nugget ring
Designed to give the man in your life a ring to treasure forever, this 14K gold nugget ring contains 3 points TDW (Total Diamond Weight).  This wonderful gift comes in four ring sizes: 9, 10, 11 or 12.

Designer 10 karat Yellow Gold Heart Locket Pendant
Designer 10 karat Yellow Gold Heart Locket Pendant
Keep treasured memories in this fine 10 Karat yellow gold heart locket.  Available with or without a matching necklace chain, this highly attractive pendant locket combines style and elegance with great design.  Lustrous yellow gold presents itself in both satin and polished finishes displaying delicate ornamental diamond cut, floral patterning.

Measuring 21mm high and 21mm wide, this designer locket adds a romantic touch to any attire.  The use of a hinged centre allows for reliable fastening and opening.  Always have the ones you love close to your heart.

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